Newcastle fans told Liverpool supporters that Gini Wijnaldum was a canny player with an eye for goal, just don’t expect him to turn up at away matches.

In 19 home Premier League matches for Newcastle he scored 11 goals, in 19 away ones he scored none.

In 12 home Premier League matches for Liverpool, Wijnaldum has score 4 goals, in 13 away ones he has scored zero.

So altogether, in England the former PSV Captain has scored 15 goals in 31 home league matches and o in 32 away games.

However, despite that overwhelming set of stats, Wijnaldum insists he is not just a ‘homer’.

The midfielder says ‘That is people’s opinion’ when they say he doesn’t turn up away from home and that he thinks he’s also played well away form home in the Premier League, ‘especially’ for Liverpool.

As for Newcastle, Wijnaldum thinks he was unfairly targeted and it was the whole team’s fault not just his.

However, when a player scores 11 goals at home and none away, plus is totally anonymous for many of those games om the road, the evidence is definitely there for most Newcastle supporters.

The Dutchman says about his Newcastle experience ‘People expect more from you than other players’ – again that is true up to a point because he was Newcastle’s biggest signing of summer 2015 and is clearly a talented player – but the reality is that Newcastle supporters simply did quite rightly expect more from Wijnaldum away from home and he didn’t deliver.

Pointing out that the rest of the Newcastle players failed the fans, doesn’t let the now Liverpool midfielder off the hook.

Gini Wijnaldum speaking to The Telegraph:

“That is people’s opinion.

“I think I also play good in away games, especially this season.

“It’s funny because last season (at Newcastle) we didn’t perform at a level as a whole team in away games for Newcastle but I was the only one who got the complaints.

“It is a team thing and no one can do it by themselves.

“People expect more from you than other players but we have to be realistic.

“If a whole team doesn’t perform you cannot pick one player especially and say ‘he doesn’t do this or do that’.

“It is a fault of the whole team if you don’t deliver.”

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  • MadMag83

    To be fair to the lad he has a point with regards to his time at Newcastle. We were awful away from home as a collective but it could also be the case that he isn’t suited to games where his team isn’t dominating possession.

  • Wor Monga

    I expected him to be a success in their much stronger line up, but it looks like he’s still wanting to run around looking good, and pocketing the wedge without really doing the hard graft !!!

  • Patrick F

    He was fantastic against Spurs and Arsenal when the whole Liverpool team
    showed up in the last couple of games. Liverpool have been awful in
    some away games like Newcastle were, so I’d give him the benefit. When
    Liverpool were playing well home and away at the first half of the
    season, Gini was doing well too, home and away. It’s not all about goals,
    especially with him playing a deeper role.

    • Jimblag23

      That’s not really what you want though is it, as a top pro you want a player that picks a team up when they’re not performing. Not one that hides and says “well the lads weren’t at the races today”.

      • Patrick F

        You have a point. The really top players do that. But that’s why they cost double the money. For £25m I wasn’t expecting him to fill Gerrard’s boots. Gini could do a little better though in some games when we’re struggling. He’s shown against the top sides he has it in him.

  • Carlo Ancelotti

    Compared to Perez & Diame he`s a world beater

    • Wor Monga

      …ah! I take it that you never saw him play away from home for us then…is that what you’re saying?

      • Jimblag23

        Perez and especially Diame are way more effective away from home than Gini.

        • Wor Monga

          I agree…Gini never defended their runs or attacked them away from home…he didn’t need too there was always a ready excuse at hand…it was the others, they let me down!!!

  • ataturk5

    He’s been a 6.5 to 7 in most games for us,steady,but that’s the least i expect for 25 mill

    • Wor Monga

      If you say £25m really quick it doesn’t sound that much does it?…whereas a mark of 6.5 or 7 usually means he did nowt worth mentioning, but never mind he looked the part!!!

      • ataturk5

        It means what it says really,”he’s been steady”,done well in some games,scored a cpl of good goals,but hasn’t set the world alight,i think most LFC supporters are happy enough with him though tbf,i think there is a lot more in there,i just don’t think he pushes himself enough,bit of a laid back Dutch thing i guess,”if” he pushes himself more,i think there’s a lot more to come

        • Wor Monga

          That’s what we thought too…carry on thinking!!!

          • ataturk5

            We’ll see,he’s doing ok for now