There were some happy Fulham fans after the final whistle on Saturday.

No wonder, after watching their team outplay Newcastle and deservedly win 3-1.

So did they think their team were great, or Newcastle rubbish, or a bit of both?

One thing…they didn’t half go on about the penalty incident and the miss and whether Sessegnon should have taken it.

Yes they have missed plenty penalties and a mystery why they didn’t let the 16 year old go for his hat-trick – but they have just beaten the league leaders away from home and dominated them – surely that should be what they are all talking about!

Comments from Fulham fans via their various message boards:


‘Crowd getting on the home sides backs.’

‘Murphy always seems to cause us problems.’

‘Unbelievable. We are on fire. This is almost too good to be true. Made Leeds look poor and making Newcastle look likewise.’

‘Un bloody believable. Fan sodding tastic.’

‘Ant n Dec, alan shearer, jimmy nail your boys are taking a hell of a beating.’

‘Rafa Benitez looks sick as a pig.’


‘Panic well and truly set into Reading and Wednesday. What a result.’

Newcastle probably lacked a bit of support today, only 51,903 attended the match, lot of unhappy Geordies tonight!’

‘Start the game with no out and out striker, score 3 goals against the tightest defence in the league and generally smashed the geordies off the park .A perfect game plan. Well done lads. Absolutely buzzing.’

‘Brilliant display.

Well done Slava and the team.’

‘Superb! Thought he was gonna leave too late with subs, but I needn’t have worried! Shame he didn’t let Sess take the pen! He’s gonna be snapped up anyway!’

‘We played them off the park. Dominating possession, passing accuracy and the only stat that matters – goals! But this is a result that is no surprise to anyone who’s seen our progress.

My only slight concern is that a huge win like this means that suddenly we’re *expected* to get to the playoffs which puts some pressure on the team.’

‘Brilliant.  Love Sone making Shelvey look like an old carthorse & the Toon fan behind the goal wildly celebrating the missed penalty.’

‘Left the house at 4.00 this morning and just got back…… it was worth every minute.’

‘Nearly home from Toon town & desperately trying to keep feet firmly fixed on terra firma.’

‘For me Tom Cairney only just edges Ryan Sessegnon out.  Cairney was in complete control of the game and by the end the only response Newcastle had was to hack him down.

Am absolutely delighted for Sessegnon and would have loved him to have taken the penalty to see if he could have got his hat trick.  If he’d missed it wouldn’t have mattered.’

‘Well done Fulham and well deserved, but for heaven sake sort out a penalty taker before we regret it. Nevertheless a great day all round.’

‘What a  performance from the lads. was going to give it a 100% but with the penalty farce now downgraded to 99.9%’

‘That’s an insult to Ryan not allowing him to take it. He draws the foul himself, he is on a genuine hat trick, and it’s in the 90 plus minute, and we are 3 1 up.’

‘What a game.  Led the whole way.  Totally outplayed Newcastle.  There’s no ignoring Fulham now.  We’re currently playing the best football in the entire league.  No doubt about it.’

‘Look at Newcastle’s 11 compared to our 11 and see how many you would swap. Newcastle’s is not that good. Newcastle have a Premier League manager and a fear factor but really are not that good.’

According to sky it was just a bad performance by Newcastle, not a good performance by Fulham. Well, let them think that way, we know better and i’m sure they will be eating their words by the end of the season.’

Respect to the Newcastle fans all over social media being honest about their teams performance yesterday and being a clear second best to us and being complementary about the whites Thanks Newcastle.’

‘I think Slavisa will be a wanted manager sooner or later.

We beat a big team in Newcastle, and i really think that Benitez will eventually head back to liverpool when Klopp fluffs his lines.

Slavisa is proving to be a brilliant tactician and we are blessed at fulham to have an improving squad. The chairman and board at fulham will be lapping it all up and licking their lips!


‘I’m in la la land’

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  • Mikey56

    We have the worst home crowd in the league. No doubt about it. Consumers not fans. And they;ll force rafa out.

  • Salty

    One lad in the bogs was saying it was time to get rid of Rafa. With friends like these eh? That’s why this club will never achieve anything. Top of the league, highest goals scored, most wins etc and the minute there’s a bit of a slip the whinging starts. After 40 years my time Is coming to an end- when Rafa is forced out I will be done. If he’s still here next season , and assuming we do go up, the moaning when we don’t rip up the Prem will see him move on and we end up with a Roy Hodgson or moyesy.

    • Damon Horner

      completely agree but not entirely limited to this club. Fans are not tolerant or patient these days.

      That being said, when was the last team who were top of any league with a quarter of the season to go talk about sacking their manager. Crazy.

      Love him or hate him, just back him until the end of the season, it really isn’t hard, chances are if Rafa is forced out we leave ourselves open to that common public perception of Newcastle fans as well as a failing club.

      • Salty

        Certainly not limited to this club Damon, just look at Arsenal! How we would love to have their lack of success. All the photos of the ‘Wenger out’ mob are just kids with no idea what the club was like with Bruce rioch etc. Same with us- remember the moans at Bobby and the paper planes being thrown on the pitch in the Wolves season finale. I don’t think any of it Is helped by fact football is now pretty boring. Games are ruled by stats and just not making mistakes with a demand for success that can’t be justified in most cases.

    • Phil K

      One or two people say that and according to you, it’s everybody (BUT you, right ?)
      Utter drivel.
      THOUSANDS are doing it with Arsene. Only 4th in league and the odd trophy – semi finals too. Terrible. Yet mediaside with the gloryhunting fans. Not so Newcastle fans.
      Don’t let the media brainwash you for Chrissakes…..

      • Salty

        At what point do I say everybody Phil? If you were actually at the game you must have heard the boos at half time and it certainly wasn’t the first time this season. I take comments on blogs with a pinch of salt as there are a large number of moaners who haven’t been to a game for years whose opinion I have no interest in. But when a proportion of those in the ground start leaving on 60 mins or boo off a table topping team at half time (who have just taken 7 points from 3 very tough away games) then there are clearly some who need a reality check.

  • Phil K

    Fulham fully deserved that. Newcastle on the other hand caved in immediately. Only guts was from Murphy when the came on> Frightening. This lot will NOT get through the play offs. Its automatic or we’re doomed

  • Phil K

    Tripe. And don’t “agree with yourself” looks ridiculous