The EFL have announced that clubs will have a minute’s silence as a mark of respect after the events of Wednesday afternoon at Westminster.

The official announcement says that the minute’s silence will happen before all EFL fixtures taking place this coming weekend.

However, I hope that this then extends to when Championship (and Premier League) clubs are back in action the following weekend, when Newcastle host Wigan.

The subject of minute’s silences and minute’s applauses have been the topic of some debate this season amongst Newcastle fans but this kind of national tragedy, is one where I think there should definitely be respect shown by all football clubs/fans, not just those who happen to be playing this coming weekend.

Official EFL Announcement:

As a mark of respect to those who have lost their lives or were injured in this week’s tragic attacks in London, EFL clubs will hold a minute’s silence.

The silence will take place before all Sky Bet EFL fixtures taking place this weekend, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th March.

Football will unite to pay tribute to the victims of Wednesday’s attacks and the emergency services who acted bravely and decisively in the aftermath.’

  • Jezza

    No disrespect whatsoever to those people who tragically lost their lives but I just can’t get away with this modern media/tabloid driven trend for football matches to have minutes silences for non football related events.

    • It’s bobbi fleckman

      I do sort of agree, we do have a tendency to over do the tributes etc but this was a guy attempting to attack the very democratic foundations of the country, mowing down innocent folk along the way. I think we can afford a minute of our time in reflection given these circumstances.

      I was quite proud for instance how football and NUFC dealt with the atrocity in France.

  • Taz

    The events yesterday were disturbing and my thoughts are of those left behind. The anger and pain those families and friends are enduring now and for the foreseable future is without words,they have lost loved ones due to this act of lunacy of an imbecile.
    If the EFL actually wants to do something, pay for their funerals!!! rather than palm it off on to football supporters with a minutes silence, its not a football related incident, it was however a horrific tragedy.

  • Leazesl Ender

    How about 90 minutes silence for the final nail in United’s coffin?

    • It’s bobbi fleckman

      You really are quite vile