Eddie Gray says Newcastle and Brighton will be nervously looking over their shoulders if Leeds United win on Friday night.

The club legend claims that Rafa Benitez will then be thinking he has got to beat Huddersfield, whilst Chris Hughton will believe a victory at Forest is imperative.

I must admit, I had to have a look at the Championship table (see below) as I thought I must have misread it the last time I looked.

But no, sure enough with only 12 games to go, Newcastle are 12 points ahead of Leeds and Brighton 10 above the Yorkshire club, plus both have a massive goal difference advantage over Monk’s team.

Obviously you can never rule anything out until mathematically certain but I reckon it will be Huddersfield who are very much in Chris’ and Rafa’s minds, rather than the Elland Road outfit.

eddie gray

Defeats for Newcastle & Brighton would leave Huddersfield only three points adrift of the Seagulls and five behind the Magpies, with a game in hand on both.

Hopefully Birmingham can put a major hole in Eddie Gray’s optimism, whether it is misplaced or not, and then Rafa’s players put further daylight between themselves and those chasing the automatic promotion places.

Eddie Gray also tips Chris Wood to score at St Andrew’s tonight and if he does he will move clear at the top of the goalscoring charts, the pair of them currently tied on 20 goals. Though the Newcastle striker has scored his at a rate of once every 90 minutes on the pitch, whilst Wood is once ever 132 minutes.

Eddie Gray talking to Leeds United TV:

“It will be good to go and win the game on Friday night and let the other teams be thinking that Leeds United are still going really well.

“If we win the game on Friday night then the top two team will be thinking ‘we have got to win our game’ and they have both got tough away games.

Newcastle are going to Huddersfield – which is a hard game for anybody, whilst Brighton are at Forest, so tough games.

“We (Leeds) will win (against Birmingham) with an odd goal in three, Chris Wood to score.”

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  • Chareose

    I think hes been taken out of context slightly, you will struggle to find leeds fans who think we have a cat in hells chance to get automatic so you can get off your high horse my friend and perhaps look for something important to write about

  • Rod

    How will Rafa be looking over his shoulder at Huddersfield if he’s playing Huddersfield ya big eejit?

  • thewildchimp

    As I’ve said it in January – absolutely no chance of us dropping from the second place.
    Let’s say that we play bang average in the next three months and do with 1W-1D-1L ratio, or 4W, 4D & 4L in the following 12 games. That’s 16 points out of 36 and a total of 89 come the end of May.
    Hudd trails 8 points behind and would need 90 to pull one over us, which would be 25pts. out of 39, in their 13 games. That means their form would have to be (WDL) either: 6-6-1, 7-4-2 or 8-1-4.
    There are 2 key factors in this: we don’t play well and they play superbly. I don’t see any of these happening. Basically, if we win against them – it’s game over and we can focus on rooting for our lads to win the trophy. Or not. It’s the Championship, after all. They have almost done their job. Just enjoy the games. :)

  • Lord

    I think Leeds fans would be better off keeping an eye on Fulham who are in form and even Norwich who could easily go on a run and would be well set up for the knock outs. Play off places aren’t tied down yet.

  • Wor Monga

    He’s just another has-been ‘mouthpiece’ like Prutton who gets paid to spout off in their “chip rappers” with the intention of cheering up all the ‘yorkie puddins’ who yearn again for those “good ole days” of long, long ago!!!

    • The Leeds Avenger

      Having a good season mate? Enjoy it while you can cos one season in the prem and it’ll be back in the championship, and at least our good old days was only 25 years ago when we were champions , when was your good old days ? 1920’s

      • fenhammag

        touch a nerve there like??? leeds are play off fodder at best and will soon drop form, easiest team to play out of the top 6 teams

        • The Leeds Avenger

          I agree , leeds are play offs at best , but we’ve beat Sheff Wednesday twice this season and reading once so it’s game on in the playoffs,, my reply to you was about our “good old days” ,, just exactly what good old days have you had ?

          • Simon Cochrane

            The Leeds Avenger!? A true hero for the yorkshire rose!

            The good old days? Well we might not have won anything but we had some fun not that long ago under SBR and KK a little while before that. Has no bearing whatsoever on the here and now though, same applies to your own good old days!

          • The Leeds Avenger

            Good reply beardo

          • Simon Cochrane

            Thanks for the comparison to my favourite ever player!?

          • The Leeds Avenger

            Great player , and yeah I can see it , you do look like him

          • Simon Cochrane

            Bit harsh on Beardo though!

      • Andy Mac

        “at least our good old days was only 25 years ago when we were champions”

        But you’ve fecking paid for it since with a minimum of 3 seasons in League One and the rest in the Championship ? Sooner or later you may get up to the PL but remember Cellino’s still in charge despite the extra money.

  • Phil K

    Footballers have always been thick. I’d always thought players from 70s make present overpaid morons they are. But that is as daft a comment as Ive heard. Make up 12 points in 12 games ? SERIOUSLY ?

  • mentalman

    Brighton might be, the result mid week may just kick start a poor run for Brighton

    • nufcslf

      Very good call after the Forest result today and the first half of the Huddersfield match.

  • fenhammag


  • fenhammag

    WTF are leeds fans in our forum…life that poor down at elland road these days?

  • 1957

    But for an enormous drop in form for two of the present top three Leeds are destined for the playoffs. Never say never but….

  • Wor Lass

    As the French like to say, “Bolleaux!”.

  • Delashio


  • Andy Mac

    Eddie Gray says a lot of things but most of it is biased and ill informed.

  • grantham mag

    That will be the Eddie Gray that played under Don the Cheat Revie. A right Pair of @ankers.