David Wagner feels only ‘excitement’ as he looks ahead to Huddersfield’s biggest match of the season.

The West Yorkshire club having confirmed that the visit of Newcastle United is sold out and will have the biggest league crowd ever seen at the John Smith’s Stadium.

David Wagner says he has only two expectations ahead of the match.

Firstly, that the players try their best.

Secondly, the supporters also try their best, and that whatever the result people will be talking about the atmosphere generated.

The Huddersfield boss says that he is ‘full of respect for Newcastle’ and that is a contest of the ‘Big Dog against the Little Terriers’.

Although keen to ease the pressure by making much of their supposed ‘underdog’ status tomorrow, David Wagner still insists that his team have nothing now to prove, after showing what they are capable of this season.

David Wagner:

“We are full of respect for Newcastle, who are the Big Dog against the little Terriers, but if we play as Huddersfield Town, all together and humble, then it is only excitement.

“There is no real expectation on us.

“The only expectation I do have is that we try our best and that we have an atmosphere from our supporters to play in, that everyone is talking about after the match.

“We don’t have anything to prove because we have shown that we do have some quality players in our dressing room who have high quality character.

“It will be a tight match, I’m sure, and we will need all of our fans right behind us all the way.

“Hopefully, we will have some luck, concentration, and we have to make all our details right.

“The atmosphere will help us to focus and concentrate, the details will make the difference.

“This is where we have to make nearly everything right and, first and foremost, stick to our game plan, our identity – to focus on ourselves.”

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  • imrevaradi

    Top dogs…

  • Mal

    I can understand him trying to take the pressure off his players but doubt it will work. They will realise how big a game this is for them and the supporters too know that a win would put them bang in the race for automatic promotion. Should be a cracking match with a cracking atmosphere. If we avoid defeat we will be in a very strong position – a win would be priceless. HTL

  • Saber Tayoob

    the toon will do it because that’s what’s right

  • Whickhamrobbie

    It shows how far we have dropped when your BIG game is against Huddersfield (no disrespect to a very good club and fans) but Mike this is why the right people need to run this club .
    The Terriers WILL up their game as all the other clubs have so we must fight to win this one and if we do win its just one more step to our goal .