Playing to the fans, Garry Monk has claimed that Leeds United as a club is ‘too big…too good’ to be in the Championship.

The Leeds Manager accepts that ‘you have to earn’ the right to be in the top tier but at the same time says the Elland Road club ‘deserves to be in the Premier League’.

These past 13 seasons have seen the club getting very used to being outside the main event, their only break from Championship football in this time, being a spell in League One.

At the moment Leeds look guaranteed of at least a play-off spot, tough an eight and nine point gap to Brighton and Newcastle respectively, looks a tricky one to bridge in only eight games that remain.

Newcastle provided Leeds with their first capacity league crowd for many years when beating Garry Monk’s team 2-0 in November and the clash at St James Park has sold out instantly.

The media have talked about the upcoming game as a Premier League match in all but name but the modern day reality is that many previous top division regulars are now struggling in the Championship or even worse.

The ever growing Premier League cash and relatively even spread of the money amongst the 20 clubs, means that now the likes of Bournemouth with gates of only ten thousand, have a realistic chance of establishing themselves in the top division, whilst ‘bigger’ clubs such as Leeds United…and Newcastle United, can/could be left well behind.

Since being in the Championship, I have seen plenty of references from fans of other second tier clubs where they don’t have a high opinion of Leeds, mainly because of the Yorkshire club’s supporters having the belief that they have ‘big’ club status.

If Leeds don’t do it this time then they may well find clubs such as Bournemouth coming in to take their star players, such as Jansson and Wood, as big club or not, if you are outside the Premier League then you are pretty much nothing.

Garry Monk talking to LUTV:

“I always knew it (managing Leeds) would be a big task and it still is a mammoth one (task).

“There’s still a long long way to go for this club to get back to where it needs to go.

“But our ambitions are very clear and quite rightly, the fans also have expectations.

“This club, in my eyes, deserves to be in the Premier League.

“It’s too big, it’s too good,  the structure is too good to be in the Championship, simple as that.

“But this doesn’t give you a right to be in the Premier League, you have to earn it.

“I think this season we have tried to show it from day one to the players, to the club, that t is to be earned – I think you can see that in the team.”

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  • SH.ER

    and the point is ??

  • Tykemaster

    I think you need to make the distinction between PL support and PL team ability.Leeds along with Newcastle,Wolves,Villa,Derby,Forest and Sheff Wed have PL support but not the teams as of now. Watford,Bournmouth,Burnley,Southampton,Crystal Palace and Hull are the opposite of this. Mediocre suport with a PL team.

    • SH.ER

      But for example ? Our players at Newcastle can give us a lot lot more
      You see , those new clubs that came up last season
      They don’t have the biggest stadiums , more fans doesn’t mean you will be successful at all , it’s a matter of expressing yourself at your home knowing you have nothing to lose , to go out & give those 10,000 , 20,000 30,000
      52,000 what they deserve & expect from you , GOALS !!!!

      If those clubs were poor at home waving the white flag surrender like we were they would’ve been down here with us
      We absolutely have to improve at home if we really wanna be save in the Premier League …

  • Roy Fell

    What exactly is wrong with GM’s comments? No bravado just giving a valid opinion, I’m sure most of your fans feel like your club should be in the PL, but , as GM says you have to earn the right, i detect a whiff of mischief making before our clash.

  • Mrkgw

    Have to agree with him. Lets hope however, that they don’t win promotion at our expense.

  • Vodkamagpie

    I would think that a team challengeing for playoff spots on more of a constant period over a few years, eg, Brighton, Sheffield Wednesday, Derby, deserve to be in the premier league. We all know that doesn’t apply to Leeds, who have done jack squat for 13 odd years, relying mainly on one goalscorer who is having his best season in his career.