Imagine supporting a club that only loses two games in over seven months away from home and just imagine if that team was Newcastle United…

In a season that never ceases to surprise you, the one constant has been the form on the road.

Nobody has better away support than Newcastle but over the years the mantra for most has been ‘We’re only here for the beer’.

Away wins are usually like searching for hen’s teeth and as a regular NUFC traveller you are definitely doing it for the laughs, not any expectation of a reward on the pitch.

When they do come along they just top the day off nicely, unexpected presents are always the best.

Saturday sees Rafa Benitez on the verge of breaking a club record, beating Birmingham today would see Newcastle with their biggest ever number of away wins in a season.

The overall record so far is played 19, won 13, drawn three and lost three.

Since that opening day loss at Craven Cottage, the team have only lost two of the 18 away league matches, in over seven months of football.

Rafa has seen his players win 10 of their last 14 away matches and only lost two of them.

With probably around 15 or so points needed to guarantee promotion, it is a very strange feeling to have such confidence that most of them can be picked up in these remaining four away games Newcastle left in the Championship.

Crossing the Tyne Bridge may never have that same fear factor ever again, maybe.

  • Jamie Smith

    Agree totally, other than the very rare big occasions I’ve always picked away games on the strength of the weekend away and written off the result but it always helps when they pull one out of the bag. Ironic that rotten away form has blighted us down the years and this season our performances on the road look set to take us up in spite of shoddy home form.

    Here’s a stat: if NUFC avoid defeat at Brum today we will definitely have a better away record than we can possible muster at home, with 8 games still left in the season!

    • Jimblag23

      My maths is generally off, but we currently have 13 away wins and 3 draws, however we have 5 home games left to make our home form superior to our away form.
      Home form being 11 wins 2 draws.