Are Newcastle United on their way to automatic promotion?

Having been in the top two for pretty much all of the season, are they getting to cruise to the top tier.

Or are they going to blow it?

It’s always quite difficult to gauge exactly what Newcastle fans are thinking at any particular moment.

The latest result often dictates the debate, with either elation or despair and very little in between.

It is also distorted because often it is only those who shout loudest that you hear, these often seem to be the same people, whether it is claiming NUFC are doomed – or touched by greatness.

Championship table as of now:

automatic promotion

So what is the reality, how confident are you that everything will turn out ok?

Rather than asking for a straight yes or no on the question of whether Newcastle United will get automatic promotion, we thought it would be informative to ask you how likely you thought it would be that Newcastle would end up in the top two.

So with nine matches to go and a damaging loss to Fulham/first defeat in 12 Championship games just behind us, how do you rate Rafa’s chances of automatic promotion?

Please choose your option below and then we will report back with the overall verdict.

  • TheNutJob

    22% it was over 90 two months ago


    Think there might be a few SMB’s voting on this

  • Gareth Marshall

    I’m certain of it. We may well waiver in the run in, but j don’t see both Huddersfield AND Brighton matching us on the run in.

    Rafa has spoken time and time again about April, but for me, the 3 games prior to our defeat against Fulham all but guaranteed our path back to the big league.

  • thewildchimp

    99%. Unless we implode and others exalt. With 9 games left to the finish line, two-wins advantage is massive. Well, 10 for Huddersfield.
    It all comes down to mentality at this point.

  • Geordie-7676

    The fact that this is even being ran as a poll is ridiculous! We just took 7 points from 12, 9 points up for grabs being against undoubtedly our top competitors for the automatic spots.

    We lost on Saturday, people need to get over it and stop banging this absolute drivel out! WE ARE STILL TOP OF THE LEAGUE FOR F**K SAKE.

    • TheNutJob

      So we are, do you think there should be a poll on where we`ll be on the 7th of May ?

  • Andy Mac

    I’m Rafa’s biggest fan but we should have had this league sewn up by now. The fact we havent is purely down to our slack home form which is shocking for a top of the table team. As for our chances, it’s down to the players who either step up or perform like the morons they were against Fulham.

    One thing’s for sure if win promotion we need some real quality in this squad.

  • Toon Army AZ

    Stop fretting about promotion. The only thing we should be thinking about is Birmingham City. One game at a time.

    Don’t get irrationally exuberant when we win (2 Saturdays ago) and don’t beat yourself up when we lose (last Saturday). Take a chill pill. Enjoy the ride.