Aliou Cisse has been reflecting on the decision by Mohamed Diame to quit international football.

The Senegal Head Coach says that the midfielder ‘could still give so much’ and ‘his country needs him’.

Considering how poor he has been this season, Newcastle fans were amused to hear the United player claim he was prepared to now give up to 200% effort for his club.

Aliou Cisse:

“I’m completely surprised because everybody knows I have a good relationship with Mohamed Diame.

“Clearly it’s a personal decision but one I disagree with because he’s still young, a good player and his country needs him.

“He could still give so much as he had a lot of years left in him.

“But he’s taken his decision and I have to respect that.”

Mohamed Diame speaking to the official NUFC website 15 March 2017:

“I know Newcastle is a massive club and people have big expectations.

“I know that it is important when you are in a club like this, you have to perform at 100 per cent – even 200 per cent.

“It was important for me to take this decision (to retire from international football) for the rest of my career.

“It has been a big honour for me, I’m proud to have been an international player for Senegal and to have made my family proud too.

“For my father and all my family to have seen me wearing the shirt is something that they will never forget and I’m very proud.

“It’s been a big decision and a tough one as well, because I really wanted to keep playing for my country – but I need to be honest, and give the opportunity to other players who feel strong and are in better form than me.

“As everyone knows, in Africa teams are always laughing and enjoying themselves when they are together.

“I have enjoyed a lot of great moments with Senegal, and I had the chance to play at the Olympic Games here in the UK with my country.

“It has been a big honour and a massive thing for me – I will never forget this.

“I would like to thank my family, because they have always been behind me and have given me support.

“I have spoken already with the manager, and I’d like to thank all the managers I have had, and not forgetting the Senegalese Football Federation as well.

“The fans have been amazing with me. They have supported me all the way through, so I would like to thank all of the Senegal supporters too.

 “It’s not an easy decision, but I hope with all the rest that I will get from now I will be fresh to give my best for Newcastle.”

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  • Wor Monga

    He’s one of our players, and he’s pledging his future to the club…the manager has showed faith in him…so why do you use your position on here to diss the lad?…

    …we’ve got 8 very important games left, and he’ll be needed right here not away playing friendlies in Africa…get behind the lads we’ve got at the club, and give them support…

    …in other words show some faith!!!

    • SH.ER

      We’re all behind them , just make some noise yeah ??

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      He`s Rubbish

    • Wor Lass

      Great post – completely agree!

  • Cuh736

    I agree with monga. I wasn’t amused by Diame’s comments. Don’t attempt to speak for everyone in a bid to create some fake impression

    • Damon Horner

      agreed. No wonder we have a fickle tag when we bad mouth most of our league leading players. They use the generic “Newcastle fans” tag regularly.

  • Toonrobbybobson

    I dont get the so negative comments about Diame. Can I just point ut hes head and shoulders above Moussa ‘im a champions league arsenal wannabe but ended up at spurs’ Sissoko who went for £30 million and we got Diame at a snip.

    Hes been a very good squad player who has popped up at important moments and goes about things that Rafa asks with no fuss. If Rafa likes the lad thats good enough for me.

    Seems to have a good attitude but sometimes his style gets him hammered as hes not a stereotypical player the terraces love to cheer.

    We should be supporting our players not bashing them.