Chancel Mbemba has produced an impressive and surprising personal statement to send a message to Newcastle fans wondering about his absence from the team.

Reaffirming his commitment to the club and using a biblical reference to back up his statement.

The statement hasn’t been put out through official channels (the club) which would usually be the norm.

With Ciaran Clark now ruled out as well as DeAndre Yedlin, it leaves Newcastle with very little pace at the back, which Fulham exploited on Saturday.

Many Newcastle fans would have been fancying that Chancel Mbemba would be getting his chance once again but after reading his statement today, I can’t help but think that the behind the scenes reasons for Rafa Benitez leaving him out, still remain.

The DR Congo international usually doesn’t even make the bench now and I can only see him, sadly, being left out again at Birmingham.

Chancel Mbemba personal statement via his Twitter account:

“Despite my minimal playing time this season I am here and not giving up.

“I continue to train ardently and seriously and I will not give up until I find my place in the team.

“My wish is to come back stronger than ever and satisfy you, my fans, as I was able to do last season in the Premier League.

“Ecclesiastes 7: 8:

‘Better is the end of a thing than its beginning, better a patient mind than a haughty spirit’.

It is easy to forget that when arriving as a 20 year old from the weak Belgian league, Chancel Mbemba was easily Newcastle’s best defender last season.

After recovering from injury, the former Anderlecht player actually played in the final nine games under Rafa Benitez last season and was an integral part of the defence that helped United remain undefeated in the final six Premier League games.

The start of the season saw, a bit like the team overall, the Mbemba/Lascelles partnership looking a bit shaky at times and after the Wolves defeat, either could have been dropped, but Clark came in for Mbemba and not Lascelles, with the Irish international immaculate once given a proper chance.

In contrast, Mbemba has only had one Championship game (home defeat to Blackburn) since September and even struggles to get on the bench – the Reading away game the only one he has been named amongst the subs for since 2 January.

Chancel Mbemba is confident on the ball and above all else has that pace which the likes of Anita, Lascelles, Hanley and Dummett are lacking.

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  • Christopher Edwards

    Why is it astonishing. Same as the Chronicle website, saying it ‘won’t have gone down well’. All he is saying is that he is working hard, and will continue to work hard to get back in the team. What’s wrong with that?

    • Damon Horner

      clickbait. Using the word astonishing makes people think he has said something worth reading rather than generic.

      • degs01

        Ridiculous advertising everywhere, as bad as SJP. The content of this site is now as ridiculous as the Chronicle. All about the revenue, not about fan interest

        • degs01

          11 ads on this page!

    • Scottpaige

      Click bait Ryder. Tosser

  • Leicester Mag

    Astonishing that he has not had a look in at all. A cynic might sense a clause triggering a payment. If not at CB as a defensive mid fielder as opposed to the rank Colback.

    • Salty

      A cynic with a lack of knowledge might think that. Someone who did a bit of research would have read the Chronic analysis of why he hasn’t been playing- all down to not following Rafa’s instructions. Another manager (and many of us) would be playing him ahead of captain calamity but we’re not the manager so we can only trust Rafa to get it right.

  • Mrkgw

    He will hopefully start this weekend. Mbemba and Clark (when he returns) would be quite a pairing.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    this lads in a tragic situation he`s the youngest & best central defender at the club, he can also play at right back & as a defensive midfielder it`s criminal the way he`s treated

  • Damon Horner

    Maybe Rafa is protecting him a bit? he is younger than the other CB’s and at an age where a lot of defenders are considered development.

  • Dan Cook

    Think he could do a job in CDM. Has loads of talent this lad.

  • Andy Mac

    Yeah let’s not bother with young talented players just shove Colback and Anita in the team every week

  • Alreet

    I really like this lad. Bags of passion and reads the game well. It has to be him and jamal in the middle then anita and im hoping gamez.

    The defence is where we have most options so lets not panic.

    Last i read we have dummett. Lascelles. Hanley. mbemba. Gamez. Anita and lazaar all available. Remember the old idea of 2 players per position. We have nearly 3 across the back.

  • goggsy

    Don’t think there is much doubt he should be playing. Supposedly Rafa not happy that he speaks very little English,who knows if this is true or not?

    • Damon Horner

      Good theory in truth but playing Sels at the beginning would have been odd from a communication point of view, can he speak English do you know?

  • Toon Army AZ

    Good for him. Anyone who is content to remain on the bench lacks ambition and should not be in the squad. Hope he gets his chance tomorrow.

  • Kazie

    We need pace at the back so I think we should play…Lazaar at left back…Mbemba and Lascelles in the middle and Anita/Gamez as the right back.

  • Albert Stubbins

    Has a rick in him most games ala titus bramble but should be good enough to be given a game at this level surely.