Describing it as ‘probably the hardest way to take defeat’, Shane Duffy is still gutted after Tuesday night.

The centre-back claims that despite being ‘under a lot of pressure most on the game’, he thought they ‘still felt comfortable’.

It is human nature to feel a bit hard done by when fortunes change for the worse late in the day but on the balance of play, nobody can say Newcastle didn’t deserve anything.

Whilst when it comes to winning the match, the visitors can certainly claim to have the stronger claim.

With more possession, twice as many corners and almost twice as many shots (19 v 10), Newcastle were the better team despite the referee gifting the Seagulls the opening goal.

Even the Brighton fans (vast majority) accepted after the game that their team deserved no more than a draw at best.

Shane Duffy is still defiant and claims that whatever was going to happen at the Amex on Tuesday, Brighton would still be ‘in a strong position’.

Away at Forest tomorrow, it certainly looks as though Brighton are favourites to come out of the weekend with the most improved position, especially when they can’t really lose (up to a point) with whatever the result is at the John Smith’s Stadium.

However, you can also say that the pressure is now very much on Brighton because if they lose and Huddersfield win, David Wagner’s team will be only three points behind Chris Hughton’s and with a game in hand.

It is getting interesting…

Shane Duffy talking to the Brighton and Hove Independent:

“It was tough the way it ended.

I couldn’t really see Newcastle scoring until the equaliser.

“I knew we were under a lot of pressure most of the game but I still felt comfortable.

“That’s probably the hardest way to take defeat – the way it ended and how it happened.

“With ten minutes to go we were winning and that’s why everyone was so disappointed at the end.

“But we know we’re in a strong position and knew the outcome of the game, win, lose or draw, didn’t make the season.

“We knew if we didn’t win we’re still in a strong position to go on and it’s in our hands.

“Forest (Brighton play them away 3pm on Saturday) are funny because if you look at them they’ve got good individual players who can hurt you on the day.”

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  • Simon Ritter

    Freak goal? Fluke? Did it bounce off Diame’s backside/elbow/knee? No. He saw the ball coming, flicked it goalwards with his boot and watched it spin into the net. The name of the game is FOOTBALL! The same experts decrying that piece of skill are no doubt the same muppets who reckoned Bergkamp scored the goal of the season when his mis-control bamboozled Dabizas all those years ago.

    • Geordiegiants

      He said it was a fluke

      • TheNutJob

        He was being modest, ha ha

      • Simon Ritter

        Agreeing it was a fluke is Diame’s cunning ploy. He’ll catch the opposition off-guard again.

    • Porciestreet

      Don,t care if he scored with his todger…..Counts one..!

    • Mal

      I’m reliably informed that they’ve been working that move on the training ground for some time now but it’s the first time they’ve had the chance to put it into practice.

      • nufcslf


  • Paul Patterson

    Until you’ve had two players wrongly sent off, had a decent goal ruled out, two dodgy penalties given against you and lost to a own goal after murdering the opposition for 90 minutes, you can’t really claim to be hard done by . .

  • Wor Monga

    No! the hardest way to take defeat is to completely out play a team for 70minutes after going behind from a penalty that should never have been awarded… shirt holding is rife in the Championship, and more often than not allowed to go, but turning into and pushing down a defender is never allowed, and then end up not scoring and losing the game. 1 – 0…

    I can see now how Brighton have scored so many goals from penalties though…both Knockeart and Murray are extremely accomplished ‘divers’…so it was probably just as well for us that Madley obviously thought he’d carried out his mission, and done enough to help Huddersfield…so early in the game!!!

  • Spider

    It couldn’t be any more luckier than an imaginary penalty

  • East Durham Mag

    More possession more shots on goal and dominating the larger part of the game. The Toon were good for the win. A nice bit of luck for the first goal but so what its about time we had some. The clowns on Talksport were slagging our defence off, but not Brightons. Both have conceded the same goals in the season. Lets face it most of the media are hoping we fail.

  • Phil K

    Yet another tosser who sees what he wants to see not what actually happened. The statistics say otherwise you Irish arsehole

  • Phil K

    Brighton and other clubs other than NUFC have had lots of convenient penalties when they need them. Our players get wrestled to the floor (Gayle v Sheff Wed an example) and nothings given. We have had the least penalties of any club in Championship despite being at top and attacking most. That says it all about this leagues referees attitudes to NUFC

  • 1957

    To be fair, we were playing well, dominating but had wasted 3 or 4 really good chances and I was beginning to think it wasn’t our night and we weren’t going to score. After Diame’s wonder goal I had no doubt we would score again and win.

    They say luck evens itself out over a season, in this case is was in one game, lucky penalty cancelled out by lucky goal, the game won by a superb goal…the best team won.

    • Contisertoli

      “the game won by a superb goal”

      Aye, Ritchie can’t get enough credit for that pass and Atsu’s control was superb as well. Wonderful play by the lads.