The transfer spend by Newcastle United has once again been highlighted by one of their promotion rivals.

Jaap Stam’s Reading trail Newcastle by four places and 11 points in the Championship at this moment in time, but there are 52 million reasons that have been key to that, according to Brian Tevreden.

The 35 year old was appointed head of international football and development at Reading in February 2016 and then three months later, promoted to the role of technical director after Nick Hammond’s move to West Brom in May 2016.

A month later, Brian Tevreden was credited with helping to bring in countryman Jaap Stam as Reading’s new Manager.

Asked whether there would be panic if Reading were promoted and whether they can stay up, Brian Tevreden told Natio Suriname (Official website for the South American football team Suriname):

“I won’t panic.

“An example: Newcastle United has invested £55m in the selection. We spent £3m.

“If we are promoted to the Premier League there will be a clear plan and there will be specific purchases.

“We absolutely won’t be throwing money down the drain.

“I have a whole team of young players with an average age of 24.”

It is easy for clubs like Reading to conveniently forget that recent seasons have seen them getting the benefit of Premier League parachute payments after relegation in 2013.

He talks of not ‘throwing money down the drain’ but that parachute money went somewhere and whilst it may pre-date much of Tevreden’s time at the club, the fact remains that Newcastle haven’t got any special favours from anybody.

Plus, the money hasn’t fallen out of the sky at Newcastle United, or out of Mike Ashley’s pockets.

The fifty thousand+ crowds give Newcastle a massive financial advantage over clubs such as Reading and then the massive sums that Liverpool and Spurs were prepared to pay for Wijnaldum and Sissoko, helped United to have that £50m+ to spend BUT also make a profit on transfers of around £30m this season.

Whilst nobody can guarantee the quality will be there if Newcastle are promoted to the Premier League, certainly the age of the players Rafa Benitez has recruited can’t be questioned.

With the exception of Murphy and Gamez, the other 10 players Newcastle brought in last summer all have most of their careers ahead to look forward to, not behind.

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    Money doesn’t play.We bought players to be sure that we will bounce back to PL on the first attempt.Championship is full of good young players so keeping just relegated squad will be big mistake.Unless we want build team from own academy lads for several years like Boro did.But this don’t work as they expect I asume.It’s another person which “complaining ” about Newcastle spending spree.For me only reason to that is jealousy that we got money so we have bigger chance to bounce back in 1st attempt.Reading once has been relegated has take them a few years to have real chance to compete for promotion in PO.But Leicester Winning title last year prove that money don’t win trophies or promotions.So Reading should get better Technical Director than Treveden to improve players winning mentality at the club to be like a Leicester…

  • hetonmag

    Seems to be a hell of a lot of jealousy in the championship this season.

  • Rich Lawson

    If they went up they would be down the next season,Stam on the other hand seems to have learned alot from his time with Ferguson and I wouldn’t be surprised if he moved on in the summer (back to Europe) what ever happens ?

  • Cuh736

    Why the references to the sissoko transfer? I thought we only got 6m from that

  • Wor Lass

    And we`re bothered because ….?

  • Lord

    And I thought Villa had the most expensive team in the Championship this season?

  • Alreet

    Literally everyone talks about the money in this league. Its about a quarter of the quality here than in the prem and weve spent around quarter of what is needed to get into the top 4 of that division.

    Villa have spent around 60 mil and where are they. Other teams like barnsley need our players to get them to where they are. Oh and lest we forget that everyone of our away games have maxed the opposition stadium. No one talks about that when it comes to money.

    You feel free to spend wisely if you get up to the prem. Believe me it takes a very wise head and alot of shrewdness to get ahead with little money in the prem.

    100mil might get you into the top 6 if you are very lucky.

  • Delashio

    Very true.. lets hope we do the buisnesx and good luck to you.

  • Taz

    Who gives a toss how little reading have spent….

  • MadMag83

    I don’t understand why exactly he’s referenced Newcastle’s spending? He was asked if Reading could survive in the Premier League if promoted, of which Newcastle would have little or no bearing on.