Three year banning orders have been handed down to two Aston Villa fans after they were arrested at St James Park last month.

Newcastle won the game 2-0 but during the game the two visiting supporters were plucked from the crowd and arrested.

The 18 and 19 year olds were seen to be responsible for setting off a flare inside the away end at St James Park and now it has ended up with a court appearance and fines, along with the banning orders.

The court was told that  19 year old Connor Conway took the flare into the stadium and was then seen passing it to 18 year old James Carter, who then threw it.

The two fans from Birmingham were handed £220 fines each by Newcastle Magistrates as well as the three year football banning orders.

Holly Common prosecuting:

“Police attended the Milburn Stand following a report a male had been seen to discharge a flare.

“On arrival, the officer was informed there were two people involved and he entered the stands and the defendant Carter was identified for igniting the flare.

“He was arrested, to which he replied “Yes, fair enough”.”

“He [Conway] was taken to the bar area to be spoken to. He was told he was seen to pass the flare to another male and he was arrested.

“He replied “Yes, I was stupid”.”

As well as the fines and banning orders, there were also £85 costs and a £30 victim surcharge to pay.

  • Alan

    Three times in recent years flares have been discharged in the Leazes End.
    Flares typically burn at 1300 deg C.
    So if it lands in your lap it will basically burn your leg off.
    People in the UK have been killed by flares.
    So these two idiots get a slap on the wrist and a fine.
    Until a proper custodial sentence is given to deter these incidents then it will continue.
    No-one punches horses in Newcastle any more !!!

  • Rich Lawson

    Were they frisked for bed sheets ?

    • Wor Lass

      Nice one!

  • I am a newcastle fan why should any fan be arrested and fined and banned for a flare. Maybe the clubs should fine the thick stewards or police for not doing jobs properly making mistakes in past I’ve been to Newcastle games Millwall exeter dario and carried flares pyro knives and not be searched properly or not at all just smile say nice day and you get past search easy so thick these stewards not trained take away there security badges and police sack them judges should look at this who’s to blame.