Leeds fans get the chance of buying a ticket for the Newcastle away game as from this Friday.

Ironically, Wednesday brought news that before a single away fan had snapped up a ticket, Newcastle had sold all home tickets over three weeks before the match.

However, the Leeds fan responded amusingly to the sold out news, some getting a little bit carried away with themselves…

(***Important info before reading on…When Newcastle visited Elland Road it was the first Leeds home league match to sell out for many years. Gates at Elland Road have fallen under twenty thousand for Championship matches this season. Leeds had a crowd of 8,488 when they played Blackburn in the League Cup this season.Newcastle average over fifty one thousand at St James Park in the Championship, almost twice Leeds’ average of twenty six thousand)

Leeds fans react on social media to news of Newcastle selling out for the game on Friday 14 April:

‘You (Newcastle) are only here to watch the Leeds.’

(A Newcastle fan) ‘Yeah, only paid for a season ticket to come watch Leeds.’

‘I’m going, ticking down the days 3 more points on the board.’

‘Leeds always draw the crowd!! Leeds 1-0,  Chris Wood goal.’

‘Your only hear to watch the Leeds!’

‘Weeks to go. 50 odd thou. On sky. Respect to nufc. Incredible support that.’

‘Even more Geordies gutted at the final whistle then.’

‘Premiership fixture, be in top 10 gates of the weekend easy.’

‘Two proper teams, two sets of proper fans, hope both go up!!’

‘We filled your ground for you..we filled your ground for you.’

‘You (Newcastle) have never sold out before, shows what proper football coming too the toon does for ticket sales.’

(A Newcastle fan) ‘Will be our 11th 52,000+ sell out this season. Leeds have sold out 36k ER once in 7 years.’

‘My understanding is that nufc cane to see our trophy cabinet.’

‘Sounds like it’s gonna be a quiet night in the city…’

‘Rubbish club, rubbish history and deluded fans.’

(A Newcastle fan) ‘4 League titles, 6 FA Cups, 1 UEFA Fairs Cup. Your go…’

‘What a game, Leeds fans get to go on an all day drinking session in Toon because of easter.’

‘All the banter aside, it’s going to be a great game between two great clubs with an even better atmosphere.’

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  • Himanshu Dhingra

    I think if we win that game. That will be all done as far as promotion is concerned.

    • Mal

      I’d love to think you’re right but, this being Newcastle, I doubt that will be the case even if we beat Leeds. Fingers crossed though.

  • wowski13

    I wonder if the Leeds fans realise that the game against them is the earliest we can guarantee promotion (depending on results elsewhere). I’ve developed a immense hatred of Gary Monk over the past few years so would love to secure promotion against them.

    • Mark

      He has done a good job, but I don’t like him either

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Most of them just come up for the drinking sessions in the Toon & chasing the Bigg Market Scallys

    • Wor Lass

      Is that Leeds or us?

      • Scottpaige


  • Cuh736

    I hope Leeds get promoted… through the playoffs! Brighton and NUFC for the auto spots. All three clubs have good managers who have been hard done by in recent times, so would be nice to see them succeed.

  • gallowgate26

    I sincerely hope both clubs do go up. Especially with the shower of plight that is coming down from the North East…

  • Whickhamrobbie

    I DO hope leeds go up as they are a big city club like us .
    As for a rubbish history as mentioned we have won more than them played more European games than them and spent longer in the premier league (we never did win div 3 though)

  • Rich Lawson

    Hope they lose the play off final to Huddersfield,most horrible fans in the division.

  • MadMag83

    Heard some delusional Leeds fan on the radio yesterday, claimed Leeds are the biggest club in the Championship!

  • Albert Stubbins

    from a club that has NEVER averaged 40k in it’s entire history!! lol. Big club my a***.

  • Dirk

    Were not famous anymore!!!!!!!
    Let’s defened England against the Jocks and put all retards in front line. Hence Sunderland and Newcastle. And then tell them they hate each other. Hahaha.