Alan Shearer has been talking about Claudio Ranieri and the situation at Leicester City.

The Geordie legend comparing and contrasting it with what he experienced at Newcastle United under Ruud Gullit.

Alan Shearer says ‘I did not like him and he was not a fan of me either…he left me out of the team and I told him what I thought’.

Despite their low opinion of Gullit, Shearer says that not a single Newcastle player tried any less harder when they did play.

However, after Leicester’s much improved performance and win over Liverpool, Alan Shearer thinks this is definitely not the case with Claudio Ranieri’s now former club.

As he points out, the stats show that the Leicester players ran far further in that game than they had in any previous match this season.

The former number nine says that in this type of situation the problem for a club’s owners is that they ‘cannot sack 20 players’ and ‘the manager is therefore the only thing they can change’.

Whilst nobody doubts Shearer’s commitment at any time when at Newcastle, if that mad gamble by Ruud Gullit when leaving the likes of Ferguson and Shearer out of that Sunderland match, had worked, would there have been any alternative for Alan Shearer but to leave Newcastle and where would history have taken us all then?

Alan Shearer speaking to Coral:

“What Leicester achieved last season should have given Ranieri the right to have the rest of this campaign to turn around their league form. Even if they get relegated under him it should have been enough for them to stick by him and allow him the opportunity to take them back up.

“I have been in a dressing room at Newcastle where the manager did not have the respect of all the players.

When Ruud Gullit joined the club he immediately distanced himself from senior squad members. I did not like him and he was not a fan of me either and that was very much in the public domain.

“He left me out of the team and I told him what I thought. That was not a healthy dressing room to be in but despite that, you could never accuse any of us of not trying our best to get positive results.

“I didn’t need the sacking of Claudio Ranieri to confirm that this group of Leicester players were not working for him. It was as clear as it could possibly be. Their performance against Liverpool just went to prove that. There has clearly been a fall-out with several players in that Leicester dressing room, if not all of them.

“The tactics in that game had nothing to do with the result. When you look at the stats against Liverpool, the players ran more than at any time this season. Those players went out and put in a shift for the first time in a long time. Claudio must have been sat at home and been amazed at what he was seeing.

“In a situation like this, the problem the owners have is that they cannot sack 20 players. The manager therefore is the only thing they can change. That is the harsh reality of it. There is no doubt it will happen again. 

“It hasn’t soured what Leicester achieved last season – nothing can do that. They deserved the title because you can’t fluke something over 38 games. But they became everybody’s favourite second club but that has gone out of the window after what has happened to Claudio. Plenty of fans would probably like to see them relegated now, the goodwill has gone.”

  • grantham mag

    My very first away game back in 72 if I remember, I hope the police are friendly, they were worse than the home fans back then.

  • Marc Thornton

    Prutton hasn’t backed us once this season. Once again he has us to get beat at Huddersfield….He reckons Brighton were ‘Cruising until Mo Diames freak goal’…. I’m not sure cruising is the word I would use to describe Brighton on Tuesday ….. I’m not so sure mr Prutton entirely likes us

    • Kneebotherm8

      Hope he keeps on not backing us,and we’ll keep on putting egg on his face.

      • Marc Thornton

        Ha ha I’m all for that ?

    • Whickhamrobbie

      Cruising in Brighton means something altogether different down there Prutton was probably wearing his pink stetson during the game

  • Leazesl Ender

    The Chronicle have a prediction tool…..

    • roundball

      And Sky Sports have many tools

  • LeroyGibbs

    David who?

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    • Leazesl Ender

      Thank you Mable…

  • Mark C

    Most pundits on Sky seem to want us to get beat. Every game I watch it seems that they have a proper downer on us. We were the better side on Tuesday but they seem reluctant to admit this was the case

  • Nothingtofear exceptfearitself

    What does Prutton know…..nowt!

  • Mark C

    The man is an idiot who simply does not seem to like us such is life.

  • Kneebotherm8

    If we can frustrate them like we do,to the opposition,in most away games then we’ll be OK. A narrow win there and it’d be like a cup final victory with,let’s be fair, promotion virtually guaranteed.The team will treat it like a cup final ,I’m sure. Away from home we’ve been consistent party poopers and we do owe Huddersfield one after their victory at SJP.

  • Rich Lawson

    Don’t like the bloke,he’s to smug by half,it’s a shame he and the other Sky pundits aren’t paid on the basis of correct predictions,that would make a dent in their beer money !


    Even when he is forced to tip us he always tips us to scrape a win. If we relied on his predictions we should be bottom 3.

  • SH.ER

    Even if we won , he will still say we will lose to Reading …

  • Scottpaige


  • Porciestreet

    Thats a load of old tosh pal and you know it….! Brighton were cruising until they got their extremely dodgy penalty, then we ran the rest of the whole 95 minutes with them only showing briefly at breakaways…not what I would consider “cruising” at all.
    Had they not got the penalty, we may well have been 2 up at the half on our chances. However dodgy the equaliser was, we deserved it , and the win purely because we controlled the majority of the game. Get your facts right .!
    We’ll see how you do after the Huddersfield game…..Somehow, I think you’re just filling a chair.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Win tomorrow we go 11 points clear with 11 games to go, Huddersfield are the ones under pressure as we don`t need to win a draw will maintain the status quo at 8pts a hell of a lot to make up
    play like we did against Brighton & they`ll buckle