The rehabilitation of Alan Pardew appears to have been set in motion, with sympathetic journalists ready to give him the platform of presenting a very distorted biased view of his previous jobs.

Despite being given a relative fortune to spend by Crystal Palace, he ended up delivering the worst set of results in 2016 of any manager in all four divisions.

Something which he forgets to mention in this new interview…

It’s a strange one, neutrals all seemed to have a rose-tinted view of Alan Pardew and the only people they wouldn’t listen to were the likes of Charlton, West Ham and Newcastle supporters, who had experienced him at first hand.

After that final epic disastrous year at Palace though, maybe the penny has dropped, and even when linked with jobs in the Championship in recent months, the overwhelming reaction of those clubs’ fans has been to worry he might get the job.

In a long interview with The Times he gives a whole catalogue of excuses/reasons as to how he was hard done by and why he now finds himself out of work.

Below are just a few snippets of what he says of his Newcastle days.

As always he wants to emphasise the few positives and brush over the vast majority of his time at St James Park.

It of course wasn’t just how the team performed on any particular day, it was the absolute rubbish we had to listen to at every press conference, as he said anything he was told to say to cover for Mike Ashley’s disastrous running of the club.

How could any fan have respect for Alan Pardew, when just like Steve McClaren, he’d been so desperate he’d taken the job on the understanding he had absolutely no say on any important decisions at the club, in particular on transfers in and out.

This is why, amongst many reasons, Newcastle fans appear to neutrals to have gone so overboard about Rafa Benitez, because just like Kevin Keegan and Sir Bobby Robson before him, Rafa is somebody who supporters feel they can trust. Unlike the chancers we have been landed with in recent times.

Alan Pardew talking to The Times:

“It gets documented that my first year is a great success then it kind of fades away. That’s what people say about me. I could have arguments against that.

“I thought I had come back well at Newcastle with the second team I built there. I was unfortunate to lose that team to transfers, big players like Loïc Rémy, Yohan Cabaye, Demba Ba.

“My win percentage in the Premier League, when you consider the clubs I’ve been at and the budgets I’ve had, I know it’s healthy.

“With buying and selling, I think I was in credit at Newcastle, not that the fans want to hear that.

“My career has stalled at the moment but I think I’ll come out stronger and better. Otherwise I would go and sit in Barcelona, eat tapas.

“I had to show a lot of resilience at Newcastle. I soon realised you can’t always please people so you have to get about your job the best way you can.”

  • Wor Lass

    If they`re the most interesting/damning quotes you could glean then I don`t think this piece was worth the effort, Jackie. Don`t you think it`s time to forget about Pardew now – the story`s had what most would call a perfect ending, after all.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      I don`t no whats worse, reading about Pardspew or sitting in a bar in Majorca with our lad wearing his Muppet Animal T shirt on
      Oh yes he does !

      • Wor Lass

        It`s got to be reading about Pards – oh, hang on though …

        • MichaelMaximusMoose

          we better be up by the 7th as we fly out at 6am
          i don`t want to be over there with a sweat on

          • Wor Lass

            If I was over there and not sweating I`d be wanting my money back!

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    The lunatic most likely thinks he`s good enough for Barcelona FC

  • Anita kick up the Hoop

    Despised by fans of clubs he’s smarmed his way into .. a total and utter patter merchant, a chancer and a liar. I hated him when he lucked his way to 5th.. the bigger picture was last minute wins, coming out on the race for side of results when his tactics could AND in some cases SHOULD have seen us 3 or 4 down .. we had a few players who pulled rabbits out of hats for him that season … and once he’d taken all the credit and believed his own hype he grew into a bigger chancer and liar.. he started getting the results his tactics warranted and dragged us into a spiral of awful football masked by the odd clutch of results .. his head was always just above water but the southern press span his demise as the deluded northerners vs the London boy who had them in 5th once!
    Any club who gets this man has my deepest sympathy.

  • Wor Lass

    If the timing had been “right” (not) he could have been the England manager! Wonder if he would have lasted as long as Big Sam. he would have gone around telling everyone he was undefeated, anyway.

  • Jimblag23


  • toonterrier

    I reckon he’d do well in Barcelona that is if he can get a job working in the kitchen of a tapa’s bar.

    • Cuh736

      I doubt it. He would’t know how to “manage” ingredients

  • HappyToons

    He would be a success at eating tapas for a summer season and looking fat and healthy, but by the next summer season he would have lost it all …better off at Scarborough in a summer season with the Crankies. Better still, he was born to (mis)manage the sad muckems

  • hetonmag

    The thing that sticks in my memory is after one of his many defeats he said he was going home to polish his LMA award.

  • Rich Lawson

    A disgraceful,self deluded man. He is a serial failure and should not be aloud to walk back into another job under the usual ”old pals” situation.He has earned a fortune by getting sacked and should just sit back and spend it.I don’t doubt we will see him as a media pundit at some point ? Give jobs to younger up and coming English managers instead.

    • Martin

      I’ve noticed a couple of your previous comments you make the same spelling mistake. You’re misspelling allowed. If you write aloud as you have it’s a different meaning.

  • Lord

    Hope he gets snapped up soon otherwise he could very well be our manager again in August after Rafa’s walked due to not getting the transfer funds he demands.

  • MadMag83

    He built 2 teams at Newcastle? I was only aware of him having several cheap imports thrust upon him, I thought he claimed to have no say on transfers? Full of nonsense as always.

    • Leazesl Ender

      Yes…… he had absolutely no control over who was bought and sold……

      • MadMag83

        In which case Carr built the team, he only “coached” it.

  • paulo

    Save you’re self the time and don’t even bother with this waffle. If I was Pardew I’d get an injunction out on some fans for stalking. What do these obsessives ecpect him to say? I’m haven’t the foggiest.