The Championship is home to many strange and wonderful things, only last weekend many Huddersfield fans were accusing Newcastle of being boring despite their own team having scored less goals than any other team in the top nine.

As it stands now, Huddersfield have score 46 goals and Newcastle 69, 50% more goals that NUFC fans have enjoyed so far this season.

Looking at all 92 clubs, we added up which set of supporters had seen the most goals this season in all four divisions.

Return of the entertainers or what…

69 Newcastle United

67 Sheffield United

66 Doncaster

61 Norwich

61 Scunthorpe

60 Brighton

60 Fulham

59 Stevenage

58 Liverpool

57 Chelsea

56 Carlisle

56 Exeter

Saturday (tomorrow) sees us reaching the point of 365 days since Rafa Benitez took over at Newcastle United (Hurrah!).

Some very interesting stats in this article about how Newcastle have performed under the Spaniard, including 100 goals in one year, in all competitions.

  • Steve Smith

    Goals per game would be a more accurate reflection, but still a good achievement nonetheless and I imagine we would still be up there.

  • Leicester Mag

    Not so much a return of the entertainers as birth of the efficient pragmatists. Not a complaint I hasten to add

  • Wor Monga

    What!…without having 2 strikers up front, permanent wingers, or attacking wing backs in every game…or even the benefit of a decent number 10 at his beck and call…nah!, I just don’t believe this…it would mean that maybe Rafa knows something about football after all!!!

  • Delashio

    We need to play 2 strikers……. rubbish!! Wish people would pipe down and try to enjoy the season.