Newcastle supporters waiting for news on Sheffield Wednesday away tickets got an update on Friday afternoon.

However, there were a couple of unpleasant surprises.

The match has been given the top rating by the South Yorkshire club and that means Newcastle fans will have to pay a shocking £42 per adult ticket.

This is even more than they charged when Sheffield Wednesday played their local derby against Leeds.

Most neutrals wouldn’t have expected Newcastle supporters to face this extra tax on their support.

What is even worse, is that whilst the likes of Leeds were allocated 3,100 tickets initially and then 1,400 more if they wanted them, Newcastle have been given a ridiculous allocation of 2,350.

The tickets go on sale on Monday to Newcastle season ticket holders with 100 loyalty points or more.

As for the explanation on the very low allocation, the club have followed up their initial announcement (see below) and have confirmed that South Yorkshire Police have intervened and insisted on almost halving the allocation that Newcastle United should have got.

All very strange when you would assume policing Sheffield Wednesday v Newcastle United would surely be expected to be no more troublesome than the Yorkshire derby against Leeds.

Newcastle United announcement on Sheffield Wednesday tickets:

‘Tickets for next month’s game at Sheffield Wednesday go on sale on Monday.

United travel to Hillsborough on Saturday, 8th April for a 5.30pm kick-off against the promotion-chasing Owls.

The Magpies have so far been given a maximum allocation of 2,350 tickets and season ticket holders with 100 or more away loyalty points can secure seats from 10am.

Tickets are priced at:

£42 for adults

 £32 for over-65s and under-21s

£15 for under-17s

£10 for under-11s

£5 for under-fives.

Any supporters under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.’

The ticket prices Leeds fans paid at Sheffield Wednesday earlier this season:

£39 adults

£29 senior citizens 65+ and under 21’s

£15 under 17’s

£10 under 11’s

£5 under 5’s 

  • Gillybean15

    Think Mike Ashley should subsidise this rise. As the awaybfans this season have been second to none.?⚽?⚽?⚽?

    • Toonbadger

      I concur with that statement

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        Ha Ha Ha

    • Jezza

      Fat chance, Ashley will sting Newcastle fans for the usual £1 “booking fee” on top of the 42 quid.

  • fenhammag

    absolute savagery

  • justvisiting

    Doesn’t say anwhere that Wednesday fans have to pay this on the gate but they do.
    Owls fans have to put up with ridiculous prices every home game, not once a season. This takes it up another level though
    SYP are pathetic. The Ground “capacity” is just under 40,000 but we recently sold out and there was less than 32,000 there.

    • Jezza

      Just what you’d expect from the same police force that unlawfully killed 96 Liverpool supporters.

      • justvisiting

        You were there then were you?
        Believe the hype
        Its comments like yours that mean SYP are scared to death to allow many away fans and we have the biggest segregation in the UK.

        • Jezza

          No I don’t believe the hype I just believe the findings of a three year long official government public inquiry. And for the record yes I was there, not at the disaster as such, but I went to many Newcastle away games at Hillsborough, Brammall Lane, Oakwell and Millmoor in the 1980’s so I know first hand just how viciously the South Yorkshire police treated football supporters back then.

          • justvisiting

            I’ve been to 81 different grounds following Wednesday from the early 70’s when there was trouble at almost every game, hence the fences. I have been crushed many times at away matches getting in,or usually out of the place, not getting injured more by luck than judgement.
            SYP were bad, but no worse than others and not as bad, in my personal experience, as Lancashire police or the Met.
            BTW I was there along with 000’s of other Wednesdayites as we had a % of the tickets for semis.
            We don’t need 25 years of propaganda and an independent judicial inquiry to tell us what really happened inside and outside the ground.
            There were many at fault that day, including my club, apart from 1 group, who apparently were completely blameless.
            Anyway, good luck for the rest of the season and go easy on us at Hillsborough because despite our league position we are pretty useless and the best we have played this season was at your place.
            And its good night from me…

  • Grahame Johnson

    We are a supporters who have taken over 16000 fans to games in Yorkshire this season with no trouble and spent thousands in places like Barnsley, Rotherham etc only a short distance from Sheffield a shame its a low amount,

  • gallowgate26

    Last time in the championship I went to Barnsley and Blackburn away no problems. This time I can’t get a ticket to travel away for love nor money. Wanted to go to the Hull game, nee chance (although now pleased I didn’t). The only games are TV midweek ones and the likes of the Wigan/Wolves games which I didn’t want to go to. My last hope was this Sheff Wed one and looks like I can forget it again. The 50+ loyalty points required is totally unfair on younger fans. Wouldn’t it be ‘fairer’ if I got to go to ONE away game that I wanted to go to this SEASON instead of the people who snap up ALL of the good tickets whenever they want? Many of them boosted their points by buying their own and for three mates, which I think is also unfair.


    Rumour is that we are upper tier of Lepping Lane, Wednesday below, that will account for smaller allocation

    • Ian Owl

      £42,£45 or £49 for Wednesday fans to buy. We won’t require lower Lep. Maybe we would if tickets were averaging £30.

  • Dave Kay

    Im a Wednesday fan and see no reason why the polic should intervene.

    Some have said Newcastle on Upper and Wednesday on Lower. Id personally prefer to see Leppings Land in Black & White.

  • Ian. Owl

    Not sure what the complaint is £53 for myself and daughter at SJP, £57 at Hillsborough for same age level. Newcastle haven’t subsidised away prices at SJP for away fans, so don’t see a problem.

    Remember it’s £42,£45 or £49 for Wednesday fans to buy.

    As for away allocation, Police and SAG not the club.