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Must Read: Quality comments from Aston Villa fans after Newcastle match

5 years ago

So what did Aston Villa fans think about Monday night?

A bit like our old mate Steve Bruce, it’s not pretty.

You know things must be bad when you are reading the comments below and almost feeling sorry for Aston Villa fans. Note, I did use the word ‘almost’.

If you had really wanted to script the match then it couldn’t have worked out much better.

The scrappy minimal/no chances for either side for 40 minutes giving the visiting supporters hope and then a scrappy goal leaving them behind at half-time.

Then Newcastle gradually taking control in the second-half, Henri Lansbury scoring a wonderful own goal, then Aston Villa fans seeing their team pretty much just give up.

All the while, their useless plastic Geordie Manager watching from the sidelines, clueless as to what to do.

I could start to like these Monday night games…

Comments from Aston Villa fans via their top message board VillaTalk:


‘Team looks great on paper – just one good performance and 3 points and we will be on our way to promotion next season.

C’mon God, please just lift that curse and give us one good reason to support the club we love.’

‘Newcastle have lost their last 11 Monday night games……..

Enter Aston Villa.’

‘2-0 villa. Then we storm up the table!!’

‘I’d like to be somewhat positive but between the confidence Newcastle have, their extra quality in attack, their organisation without the ball, their fired up fans and electric atmosphere I can really see a hammering on the cards.

One positive from this it would help quicken the sacking of Bruce.’

‘Seems crazy how many of you are not bothered. Each to their own but I love settling down to watch the Villa. Think Lansbury will get a goal tonight!’

‘My business partner is a Newcastle fan.  He asked me today if I wanted to put some money on the game.  I told him only if I was backing Newcastle and he was backing Villa.’

‘Can you imagine if they failed to beat us again.

The Mag editor will be suicidal.’

‘In my better half’s office there’s a group of lads who bet on the footy, today she asked me my opinion on the game and I said I’d back Newcastle by 2+ goals if I was going to bet on it.

She said that all the italian lads had all backed Newcastle! The kindest comment with regard to us was “You’re only 11 players away from a team…”


‘Saying stick with Bruce until the end of the season is like saying I’ll keep the bald tyres on my car until I have a serious accident and then I’ll buy some new ones.’

‘Hutton was ok, in fact there was a few good performances from us , unlucky, first half we played them off the park and 2 sh*t goals . Hope Bruce starts with this team Saturday , subject to injuries.

Newcastle are the best in the league, on this showing their coming straight back down next season.’

‘Can you imagine us down in League 1 with a 42,500 seater stadium?  We’d probably only have to open the Lower Holte.’

‘Turned off when Newcastle scored.

After an even game where we had more chances and corners (which everytime get headed away without issue) it was no surprise Newcastle’s first corner caused absolute panic gifting Newcastle the goal.’

‘What’s hurting for me is the Geordies really hate us and they’re loving this.’

‘Clark my MotM.’

‘I’m absolutely baffled how we can change managers, owners, the board and bring in 19 players (or however many it is), and still produce a performance that last seasons players would have been proud of!’

‘We just really need the rub of the green nothing is going for us and things will turn ,Newcastle created little but unfortunately we just handed them 2 soft goals .’

‘They (new signings) are mediocre at best. We have been robbed in the transfer windows. The whole club is a disaster.’

Let’s be honest is anyone surprised by tonight’s performance or result. I know I’m not. It’s the same week in or week out. We are the worst TEAM in this league with one of the worst scoring records.’

‘Bruce’s plan seems to be pick an 11 and hope for the best.

No reaction to what’s happening in the game, different players every week, different formations every week.

Honestly can’t see how people can continue to defend this clown. Yes he has pedigree in this division but he’s massively out of his depth here, it should be clear for all to see. One more loss and he has to go it’s as simple as that.’

‘Ciaran Clark must be looking at us and laughing, given the position he now finds himself in.’

I don’t want cowards at my club. If your not up for the fight get the hell out.’

‘I take some comfort from the fact that we’re such a footballing irrelevance, nobody at work even takes the piss anymore. Sh*t team, sh*t result.

I’m 50/50 on whether we’ll be a League 1 club next season. I can’t see us getting the results needed to stay up.’

‘Didn’t even look like any of our players went over to see if Hogan was OK.’

‘I thought the same, he was in agony. Is there literally no team spirit at the club?’

‘Yeah I wondered about that, their keeper looked more worried.’

‘I hate football!’

‘We’ll be the most expensive team in the history of football to get relegated if we go down won’t we? that’s pretty much the ultimate accolade of shi*ness and one we have yet to collect.’

‘If Bruce has anything about him he should just hold his hands up and walk, would retain some dignity and respect then rather than keep taking his wages for nothing but ruining us.’

‘I was about to write “This couldn’t get any worse”

But honestly, I don’t know where rock bottom is anymore.’

‘Oh ffs what a ****ing terrible night.’

‘Do yourself a favour and DO NOT WATCH THE SECOND GOAL.’

‘I’m not in favour of an immediate sacking, but didn’t Benitez join Newcastle on a temporary contract until the end of a season.’

Lansbury, how did you manage that?’

‘Luck is temporary (which is what Bruce had in his first few games). Sh*t is permanent which is what Bruce provides on a regular basis.’

‘There will be lots of calls for Bruce’s head after tonight and regardless of whether that is right or not, what the hell does it take to turn professional footballers into the sort of absent minded cock for legs idiots that let those goals in?’

Newcastle have now scored more than twice as many goals this season as we have.’

‘The sooner Potato Head goes the better.’

‘Lansbury has been our best player imo.  Sh*t goal to let in,  but a tad unlucky.’

‘He looked like he got his foot stuck in the ground!

Absolute bullsh*t.’

‘What a bloody dogs breakfast of a goal. Totally pathetic. We are going down guys. Remember that feeling you had last season? It’s deja vu.’

‘So poor from set pieces. Lansbury, you have one job to do on the post.’

‘It’s all so messy. I don’t think any player knows what they are supposed to be doing???

Newcastle are crap too.’

‘Wish I had a season ticket to rip up.’


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