This (below) is how the Championship form table looks ahead of Brighton v Newcastle.

Interesting to see so many of the ‘experts’ talking about Brighton’s great form and Newcastle looking shaky ahead of Tuesday night.

The truth being that over the course of the last half dozen matches, Newcastle are actually unbeaten, plus have picked up more points – albeit it only one.

Newcastle are fourth in the Championship form table with 12 points from three wins and three draws, whilst Brighton are sixth after three wins, two draws and a defeat.

Worryingly for both, it is Huddersfield clear at the top of the form table, with 16 points, it would have been a perfect 18 if Barnsley hadn’t managed a late equaliser on Saturday.

Interesting to see Cardiff and Fulham in second and third place in this form table.

Championship form table over the past six matches:

championship form tableBrighton’s last six results with latest one listed first;

Brighton 3 Reading 0

Barnsley 0 Brighton 2

Brighton 1 Ipswich 1

Brighton 4 Burton 1

Brentford 3 Brighton 3

Huddersfield 3 Brighton 1

Newcastle’s last six results also listed with the latest result first;

Newcastle 2 Bristol City 2

Newcastle 2 Villa 0

Norwich 2 Newcastle 2

Wolves 0 Newcastle 1

Newcastle 1 Derby 0

Newcastle 2 QPR 2