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Some stunning Sam Allardyce comments from Crystal Palace fans as honeymoon period crashes and burns

4 years ago

I thought I would have a quick look at how Crystal Palace fans are enjoying life under Sam Allardyce.

After 12 days in the job, what do they make of him now?

It took them an awful long time to accept that what Newcastle supporters were saying about Alan Pardew was closer to the truth than what they wanted to believe…but they also appeared to forget that Newcastle fans also have (unfortunately) bitter experience of life under Sam Allardyce.

When thrown the big fat life raft that was Sam Allardyce, Palace fans looked for all the positives – not the greatest football maybe blah blah blah but certain to drag the club away from relegation trouble etc etc. Listening to those journalists in Fat Sam’s pocket a little bit too much.

Now 12 days into the Allardyce era and one point from nine, losing to bottom club Swansea last night means they are now only one point above the Swans and the Mackems, plus the crowd for this crucial relegation six pointer was the lowest at Selhurst Park since 18 September 2016.

Enjoy the below as many Crystal Palace fans quickly realise what life is like under Sam Allardyce.

Comments from Crystal Fans on Sam Allardyce via their top message board Holmesdale.Net:

‘Biggest mistake of the season (sacking Pardew, employing Allardyce).

No we weren’t getting results, but we weren’t playing bad football either. The results would have come.

The manager clearly wasn’t the problem.

This ‘football’ is sh*e.’

‘Most deluded thing I have seen

Pardew was woeful. Facts speak for themselves..’

‘Top post. I can see the ground emptying very quickly. No passion from the fat one no passion from the players.’

‘I would take Pardew back tomorrow after the last four halves of football. No desire and not bothered about winning since Sam came. And it’s bloody boring.’

‘It’s been said many times, but we had the worst record of any team in the football league in 2016, which is just unforgivable. The players are playing so far below their capabilities, which again was ultimately Pardew’s fault.

We would’ve gone down with Pardew, we may still with Sam.’

‘Pardew is the main reason we’re in this state. This squad has been run into the ground by a clueless chancer, it’ll be a miracle if we don’t go down.

Big Sam is one of the few who stand a chance of doing it. Anyone who still thinks Pardew shouldn’t have gone need to seriously look at themselves.’

‘We would have gone down trying to play football and scoring goals which is the idea of the game. Hope the bent Sam lovers are happy. Mr Negative himself no wonder these boards are full of negativity. The Telegraph done England a favour.’

‘The football under Allardyce has been dire barring a good start at Watford. We now seem to have a team that can’t defend. Or attack. Or challenge. Or press.’

‘In my opinion we would have beaten Swansea at home under Pardew. See Southampton at home. We were never in the relegation zone under Pardew. We will be under Allardyce mark my words. At least we were scoring goals and playing good football. Allardyce has set us back years to a tean that sits back and defends. Awful.’

‘Yep have to agree BFS is woeful.’

‘It’s only coz the team hasn’t improved under Sam that anyone can now say pardew was the right man all along.

We all know we have a very serious problem in this team. I hope Sam can sort it, but if he can’t I doubt pardew could have either.’

‘AP systematically tore the guts out of CPFC during his tenure and we now see the results of that.

No spirit, no “Team” – just some players who earn money.

Yes I expected SA to have an effect and I am surprised he hasn’t managed to galvanise the team better but the blame for this mess lays at one man’s door and one man only.’

‘Did you see he (Allardyce) only came out of the dugout (v Swansea) for the last 10 mins of the match. If Pardew had have done that he woud have been slaughtered on here.

Fat Sams interview after the game demotivated me straight away.’

‘Said it at the time, sacking Pardew for Allardyce was a backwards move.’

‘Something was wrong, perhaps nerves/confidence but certainly wasn’t spirit. The team battled hard for Pardew and he clearly hadn’t lost the dressing room like some suggest. He was Palace man and cared, Allardyce has no love for Palace, just another pay cheque.’

‘At least there is one thing that is indisputable and can all agree on:

We definitely played better with the losing streak under Pardew than we have under BFS so far even if only 3 games in.’

‘That 1-1 vs watford would have been another loss under Pardew..

FFS some of you need looking at if your pining over the silver fox.’

‘This is Swansea , not Real Madrid. We were a disgrace tonight

Worst we’ve played in this division since Holloway.’

‘The 1st half (last night v Swansea) was the worst I’ve seen for many years – way before Holloway. Even the display against Fulham when he resigned was way better than that half last night.’

‘I agree that it was worse than anything I can remember under Holloway. Worst 45 mins I have seen since we came up.

But I disagree on Benteke. Again I thought he won most of what he was given. But the service to him is appalling and predictable. And the support for him virtually non existent.

At least when he went off injured we couldn’t just lump it forward and so were forced to try and play some football.

But you can’t blame Benteke for the way we’re playing. That’s coming from the other players and the manager (and the past manager as well).’

‘BIG FAT CASH SAM … He has learnt plenty! Learnt that he is getting big bucks from Parish. He thought he could Waltz into Palace, chew his gum, shout a few obscenities at the Players rise up the table and be the Messiah. Now he learnt he can’t

Apparently Pardew lost the dressing room! Has BIG FAT CASH SAM even been in it ? Still BFCS think of the money!!’

‘Please shoot him now! I’m so sick of staring down his gob for a whole game while he chews his gum. It was bad enough when he did it for other teams. Class he ain’t!’

‘Are Sunderland still paying him? That is the worst I have seen for a long time. The body language tells you everything.BFS out now.’

‘At no stage under Pardew did I think we would go down. Games like Swansea at home must win i’d fancy us. Sam and his negative awful football depress me. The way he took one of the highest scoring most dangerous attacks in the league and made them sit back and let Arsenal bully them was bad enough.’

‘At least under Pardew we played good football, attacked and had some good performances. Now we just play s*** and dont win either.’

‘We never played with so little thought under Pardew. We have one tactic to hoof the ball to Benteke who has no-one near him because Wilf and Townsend are being used as full backs.’

‘Name one Pardew game where we had zero shots on target at home in the first hour against a team in the relegation zone? I’ll wait.’

‘I am struggling to see how we are better now than we were a month ago. At least then we were playing the ball forward and scoring goals.

We are now pedestrian no movement and struggling to get a shot on target.

We are making Swansea look far far better than they really are.

Going down with a wimper.’

‘I agree. We look worse. The statto that love quoting 2016 stats when the season runs from August to June not Jan to December should take a look at the posession and shots on goal stats under Allardyce vs Pardew.

I watched this happen with those idiotic fans at Newcastle. Got ideas above their station and drove out a manager who kept them comfortably out of the relegation zone and promptly went down. Well done guys.’

‘We’re going through a transition period with sam. Gave pardew long enough to change our style, think sam deserves more than 3 games to change it back again…’

‘Yeah, wait until we’re relegated before you dare to criticise the arrogant, crooked Northern piece of s***e we decided to bring in. Heaven help us.’

‘I’m not a Pardew or Sam supporter, just a Palace supporter. Fact of the matter is, we have one point from 9 under Allardyce and tonight was a must not lose, let a lone must win….

Pardew’s results were woeful towards the end of his tenure, but I never saw us completely outplayed or lack of effort under him, and to be fair we created a lot of chances.

We were outplayed by Swansea today. They deserved their victory. You have to question that…’

‘We were 11-2 against going down because bookies were pricing in a “new manager bounce”. BFS couldn’t motivate us to beat the bottom team in the league.

When do you admit the mistake, after 10, 20 games? It’ll be too late.’

‘We are now left with the fat one who has got us back to not being able to score goals. Most new managers have a honeymoon period as it lifts the players.

I don’t know where we are going to get a Defoe from who was the only person who kept Sunderland up when the fat one took over.’

‘I slightly get the impression that Sam may have demoralised rather than inspired the players.

It won’t have helped that, on arrival, he described them as having the mentality of “losers”.’

‘BFS took over a team with a lot of bad luck,must have figured he only had to turn up for the luck to change.

Well it has’nt he has no strategy complaining about a thin squad does not wash, the squad is not thin but it does have a massive injury problem.

He has not helped by playing a now dispirited rudderless team and making uninspired selections and substitutions. He has rabbed the cash and sits there getting fatter.’


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