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Post-1992 fans/supporters that have been brainwashed with 24/7 analysis of all things football?

5 years ago

I digest the debacle that was Oxford in the FA Cup, it gets me thinking of the question ‘Premiership football has to be the priority this season’?

Now I am old enough and ugly enough to know and understand what the Premier League can bring [basically wads of cash] but I cannot get my head around the belief that Premier League football must gazump cup football – full stop!!

As a bloke in his mid forties, I find it impossible to think like this.

Call me old fashioned but surely the concept of football is to try to win something and although Leicester broke the rule last season in winning the league, as a non-betting man I don’t foresee NUFC winning that league any time soon, or in fact ever winning this league.

This belief then surely beggars the question, if this is the case [and seems fact to me] then why the hell do we not try our best, at every game, to win a blinking cup?

I keep asking myself, why do many fans think like this?

Are fans with this belief post-1992 fans/supporters that have been brainwashed with 24/7 analysis of all things football, whereby we hear of big squads, rotation is a must in the modern game, owners obsessed with the riches of the Premier League, and you simply must be a pawn in the money merry go round that is the Premier League [cos we aint going to win it}?

The irony with football in the modern day is, in my humble opinion, many players are now simply athletes, as opposed to footballers, so surely they can play two games a week [I know some in the game may scoff at this bizarre belief!]. I also don’t get the argument of ‘what if he gets injured’? Surely that’s just football, injuries happen!

I simply don’t know, but what I do know is, I for one want to win something!

Now, again I know that Rafa has brought many great attributes to NUFC, but he got it wrong on Saturday.  So many changes, with players simply not ready to play first team football, was in my mind always going to result in a loss, against a team just one league below us and not doing too badly.

I again try to understand the argument that we need to ‘blood’ the kids and give them opportunities, but please, not at the expense of losing a cup-tie. It would be my belief that you have 38 – 46 league games where these kids could get a game.  If you lose a game you have another 30+ games to rectify a defeat.  It’s obvious to even a blind man on a galloping horse that a defeat in the cup means you are oot!!

With 35k fans v Birmingham at home, 4.6k away at Birmingham and away tickets sold out at Oxford, it surely shows that there are many, many fans who have a similar want as me. Just play your best team and try to win.

I don’t think its a hard concept to understand, albeit, this may conflict with the argument surrounding the annoyance that is ‘priority’ football?

I just wonder if those who are lacking an interest in cup football would have a modicum of excitement if NUFC made the semi-final and the ensuing trip to Wembley and heaven forbid the opportunity this may bring in another trip to a Final? Would fan priorities at this point change – maybe??

Maybe I have just not come to terms with the concept of how modern football works.

However, I for one often think that MODERN FOOTBALL IS RUBBISH, whilst living in the hope that one day, just one day, Newcastle United Football Club will win a trophy and I am still around to see it!


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