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What has happened to Newcastle United’s support?

4 years ago

‘For once in my life I’ve got something to say, I wanna say it now for now is today.

A love has been given so why not enjoy, so let’s all grab and let’s all enjoy!

If the kids are united, then we’ll never be divided.’

“If The Kids Are United” – Sham 69

What’s happened to the Newcastle United support? How can the same set of fans show the display of defiance support for their team v Spurs, to that of booing at half time and full time whistles? The amount of people that leave the game at around the 80 minute mark seems to get more and more by the game too.

Where’s all the early season optimism gone when there is so much still to be optimistic about?

Where we currently sit we are still on track to be promoted, Rafa Benitez is our manager I’ll just repeat that Rafa Benitez is our manager!! When you look at some of the mediocre appointments made not only in the Championship but in the Premier League we have been extremely fortunate to get a manager of his standing. This is an opportunity for the Club to turn itself around that simply can’t be allowed to be passed up.

To claim to be the ‘best support in the land’ takes more than just numbers through the turnstiles. Just because you’ve paid your money is that considered job done? I don’t want to take anything away from our attendance figures this season but are the figures really worth much when large sections of the support of those in the ground tend to have a negative outlook on the team?

It may be suggested that all-seater stadiums have had a negative impact on the atmospheres at football games since their introduction, which I agree it certainly has contributed, but I don’t think it’s the sole issue. We’ve had some great atmospheres at St James Park since the removal of the terraces, particularly in the era of the 36,000 capacity. I got home from some of those games with my ears ringing, almost unable to speak!

Perhaps we were a little more humble in those days, not spoilt by challenging for the league title and getting into Europe most seasons, but we need to recognise where we are now and do everything we can to help Rafa and the lads, by whatever means, get promoted back into the top tier.

It was proclaimed at the end of Pardew/Carver reign that we don’t demand a team that wins but one that tries. It seems this season if we’re not 4-0 up by half time then the Newcastle United boo-boys of our crowd feel aggrieved to the point of slagging the players off and questioning Rafa’s tactics etc.  It seems we got what we asked for and more and yet there are sections of our support complaining. The team are viewed as either absolutely brilliant or utter shi*e with no in between. There are going be tough games, we won’t win every week, we haven’t, but we need to stick together.

We’ve seen the positive effect the crowd can have on the team, I keep harking back to Spurs at home at the end of last season but that was the last time I witnessed a defiant, unrelenting home support. We went on to register our best result of the season albeit too late but I believe that game convinced Rafa to stay.

Rafa, in terms of what he’s achieved in football, is the best manager ever to walk through the doors at St James Park as NUFC manager. We are lucky to have him. He himself has said that the crowd can have an effect on the players positive and negative.

Rafa doesn’t need to be here and it shouldn’t be taken for granted that’ll he’ll remain here beyond the 3 year contract he signed. It is our duty to prove that what he witnessed against Spurs at home wasn’t just a one-off.

Sections of our support need to review their point of view when going to the match. I can’t get on board with fans having a go at players because they misplace a pass or just because they don’t rate them. The sarcastic applause when a player is subbed on or off is ridiculous, what is meant to be achieved by this? It stinks of attention seeking. I’ve heard it at home matches in the Strawberry Corner where I sit; I’ve recently heard it at Blackburn away, the two sets of followings aren’t exclusive of each other. It all needs to stop.

Whether you rate a player or not, for 90 minutes if you’re in the ground as a supporter the expectation should be to get behind that player. Whinge all you like in the pub, but a positive support can only contribute to turning losses into draws and draws into wins. If we enter the ground with that mindset I believe that promotion will be achieved sooner than it is on course to at the moment. It’ll be a hell of a lot more enjoyable too.

We as fans have no control who plays for Newcastle United but what we can do is get behind and support those that do. The amount of times an old ‘Dele Alli transfer to NUFC’ link was retweeted throughout the Spurs v Chelsea match where he scored twice was pathetic. It’s backwards looking and negative.

Apparently we missed out due to the regime in place at the time etc. It’s like we’ve never missed out on a player before. You could trawl the internet for loads of ‘could’ve been’ and ‘nearly signed’. Keegan nearly signed Bergkamp, Sammi Hyypia visited the training ground, Brad Friedel didn’t manage to get a work permit, bliddy hell Jackie Milburn nearly signed for the mackems if you wanna go back that far! It’s stuff out of our control as fans and it’s a waste of time and energy that could be spent supporting the team.

These things can’t be dwelled on and the focus should solely be on the players in the first team right now because those are the only ones that can go out there and get the points that will get us promoted. If the lads are behind in a game then that’s where our support is needed the most, think of the Norwich game at home this season. If we’ve been beat in the previous game then the noise levels need to be higher in the next.

Surely the importance of gaining promotion is one thing we all as fan base can agree on. We need to unite behind our common goal of getting promoted, let’s get behind the lads, make some noise and let the opposition feel intimidated rather than our own.

Newcastle. United. Will never be defeated!

Howay me bonny lads!!!

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