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What Blackburn fans are saying ahead of Newcastle game

7 years ago

Intriguing to read comments from Blackburn fans in the lead up to Monday afternoon’s match.

In fact it is quite bizarre – because hardly any Blackburn fans appear interested at all in what will be happening on the pitch against Newcastle.

Friday night saw Newcastle United defeat Nottingham Forest and their supporters are single-minded in their determination to drive the club owners out.

Well, Blackburn Rovers are arguably some tenfold more sick of their club owners than the Forest ones.

The Venky’s took over in 2010 and inside two years the club were relegated, now in their fifth Championship season in a row Rovers are currently third bottom and three points off safety, one of the favourites for relegation to League One.

Earlier we published a statement from Lancashire Police (read it HERE) which revealed they are expecting as many Newcastle fans as Blackburn ones at the game tomorrow.

Nothing in the comments below make you think otherwise.

Protests are planned with a march pre-match and sit-in at Ewood Park after the final whistle, the Blackburn fans focusing totally on the whys and wherefores of the protests rather than the actual game.

Could be an interesting one…just so long as Newcastle get the three points.

Comments from Blackburn fans ahead of Newcastle match via their top message board BRFCS:

‘How is anybody going to notice a few fans walking to a match on match day, especially with a couple of thousand Newcastle fans making the same journey?

I don’t want to pour cold water on this protest but I don’t think it will work.’

‘Great idea but the sit-in should take place during the match – and on the pitch.

 And before anyone asks no I won’t be able to join in because I’m too old and I did all that sort of stuff 40 years ago.

 Desperate times call for desperate measures. Time for this generation to show it cares.’

‘Unfortunately I think it’s the wrong game to do the march. Firstly a lot will be put off going into the town centre at the prospect of 7,000 geordies taking over.

Secondly it’s at the end of the festive period, people won’t be drinking as much and many are back at work the next day. Attending a new year fixture has always had a ‘cannot be arsed’ feel about it.

I would have thought a Saturday afternoon fixture would have been better for the march.

However it is in my opinion the right fixture for the Occupy Ewood given the presence of the sky cameras.’

‘The last day before everyone returns to work, folk will be looking to get home sharpish, especially if we’ve been given a hiding.

There needs to be a bit more thinking behind it, not what fans ‘should do if they care’, but what a good number of fans ‘will actually do on a miserable January afternoon before heading back to work’

‘I’m not at all convinced about the march idea purely because it needs numbers – and is unlikely to get them.

When I took part in the last two, it was the height of the anti-Venkys feeling and we had about 16,000 attendances. We got about 300 people.

With about 6000 Rovers fans attending we will be lucky to get 100.’

‘If anyone has a good connection with a Newcastle supporters club, then perhaps we can get some help from them too.

Given that they will be taking a large slice of the ground, if we can get them on side, it will ramp it up massively.’

‘Asking the Geordies for help?…HA!

We’re more likely to get a booming chant of ’empty seats’ from the arrogant sods while the Sky commentators cream themselves over their following.’

‘Yep we’ll get the standard your support is effing $$$$ from the sympathetic geordies.’

‘Worried the Geordies streaming down Bolton Road will negate any protest.’

‘The police have let the cat out the bag.

15,000 people expected on Monday with 7000 of them aways.

So on the back of that I think we can all do the maths re how many ‘actual’ home fans are attending games.’

‘Why are the fuzz suddenly making a big deal out of this ?

Has there never been a 7k following in Blackburn before?  Why haven’t they crapped themselves and ordered this a 12.30 like normal ?

 Oh yeah the club won’t roll over for this because it’s on SKY.’

‘Expect camera shots of the Darwen End every five minutes from Sky coupled with masturbatory commentary paying homage to the Geordie nation masses.

..And then there will be this other club called Rovers.’

‘Sky love the barcodes because they are barcodes money money money. Keep the mugs hoping and preying for glory while you pick their pockets.’

‘They’ll show Shearer. Show us winning the league, Big Al with the trophy. Then Shearer signing for Newcastle, show him scoring goals for them (at a much slower rate) then go on to say that he’s still the PL’s highest scorer.

“But how times and fortunes have changed, Rovers are now struggling for survival, Owen Coyle is hamstrung with a lack of funds despite the owners Venkys putting in 28 billion pounds a season, the club is still 100 million pounds in debt. No such problems at Newcastle with Rafa Benitez etc etc” pass the sick bucket.

We’ll not be mentioned until after the match when Expert 1 will say “it’s going to be hard for Owen, clearly he doesn’t know his arse from his elbow but he does need more time in order to complete the job and get Rovers relegated. We’ve all got money on them going down after all. Everyone has. Haven’t they?”’

‘Haha amusing how predictable the media are isn’t it. The first bit would be enjoyable at least.

In any case the general gist is true. Sky will be 10 times as interested in Newcastle’s promotion push as our relegation woes and 10 times as interested in the fabulous 7,000-strong away end as in our fans disgruntlement at Venkys and Coyle.’

‘A win and a real battle of a match and we are likely to hear the same folks chanting “We want Venkys Out” and there will be a hundred or so in the BBE for a further half hour and then they’ll turn the lights out.

Conversely, defeat tomorrow and a couple of early goals with Dwight Gayle cupping his ear to the BBE and that could be the start of some real angry scenes.’

‘I probably will be doing (the march). I’m part of that diminishing number that always traps up.

But does a bedraggled few dozen (lost in a sea of black and white this time, I imagine) do anything for the cause?’

‘I fear an absolute pasting in this game, if Coyle gets sacked it will be a good thing, if not we are down in January!’


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