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Sheffield Wednesday fans comment on what they thought of Newcastle supporters – Well worth a read

5 years ago

Sheffield Wednesday fans were understandably ecstatic after the final whistle at St James Park.

Beating the league leaders away from home in front of a sell out fifty two thousand crowd and reinforcing their position in the top six.

As well as the actual match and result though, the Sheffield Wednesday fans also had plenty to say about the home supporters.

A lot of varied comments about during the match and afterwards.

Fair to say some radical differences of opinion here – enjoy.

Comments from Sheffield Wednesday fans about Newcastle supporters last night via their top message board OwlsTalk:

‘Seriously, for 80 minutes all those flippers did was moan and whinge about the professional job we did on em. I can’t recall every seeing and listening to a game where fans and players moaned as much.

 The highlight of it for me was when they were whining about that Ross Wallace corner that delayed play for a good 30 seconds so the ref could trudge over to Wallace to check if the ball was actually in the flipping “quadrant”.

After trudging all that way only to be greeted by a cheeky little grinning Ross Wallace, he then trudged all the way back again. That really was a perfect moment for me, Ross Wallace is such a little “tinker”. People slate the man on here quite a bit but he adds a lot to our squad. His experience is vital.

 It’s hard not to get carried away with that result but to turn those over in their own backyard with 50,000 cry babies and a further 11 cry babies on the pitch was just magnificent. Play like that for the rest of the season and we have every chance of catching em!’

‘The sense of entitlement from some of the Newcastle fans last night.

 It was like they were offended by us turning up to give them a game.

 Some ridiculous calls for fouls and penalties.

 Was the same with some of their players too.’

‘To be fair most comments I’ve read say we were the better side and the best away fans they’ve had all season.’

‘Yes, a lot of bitching and noise at the game last night, but of course there will be that when your team doesn’t perform at home.

But after the match, I’ve read comments and seen vlogs where the Geordies commend both our team and our fans as best away support they’ve seen all season.’

‘The crowd were mardy.

 Things not going there way.’

‘I thought their fans and Rafa were complimentary to us in the way we did a professional job.’

‘Ref played a blinder last night.

 Some refs would have bottled it against a crowd like that appealing for every decision and putting pressure on for a big decision. He kept his head and had a very good game. Not often I say this but well done referee.

 Crowds can have a big influence on the game, as we’ve seen over the years at Hillsborough.

 Hilarious when they were moaning at Wallace only for the ball to actually be in the quadrant lol. Wasted there own time the whinging rumblezoids.

 Classic big club gets relegated to the Championship and think they have a sense of entitlement. In truth they’re nothing but a crap Premier League side, not won anything of importance in decades with a couple of relegations to the Championship in recent times.

Need to get off their high horse, fans thought they just had to turn up before the game on twitter yesterday. Glad we put them in their place.’

‘With how well Newcastle have been doing this season, and the reputation of the Newcastle support I expected it to be an electric Atmosphere. I thought they’d have the home end rocking, and Wednesday providing the usual great support from our end.

But no, they have become like Chelsea I guess. Win a few games, and then expect to win every game then spit the dummy out when you are beat.

 Their support was well and truly shocking. And I never thought I’d say that about Newcastle. I think I heard them sing twice in 90 minutes. And once, they were laughed at by the Wednesday fans who drowned them out with “What the duck in a shell was that”

‘To be fair there were lots of positive comments from the Geordies on Twitter after the game but on the forum they were just whinging about their team and how they’re going to have to spend big in January.

Their attitude was that they should easily be beating sides like us and that the Championship is just some annoying thing they’ve got to endure this season.’


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