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Nottingham Forest fans post-match comments after beating Newcastle – Essential reading

5 years ago

Plenty of talking points after Friday night but what do the Nottingham Forest fans have to say?

Considering the lack of matches between the two clubs in recent years, you have to question the bitterness expressed by anybody under a certain age!

Amongst the rants and praise for Henri Lansbury and the referee though, there are some voices of reason…

I won’t say enjoy the comments below but well worth a read.

Comments from Nottingham Forest fans via their top message board Forest Forum:

‘Lansbury did nothing Gayle or Ritchie didn’t do.

It’s just Lansbury did it in key areas and Newcastle players were naive enough to foul him.’

‘The only ones to blame are the Newcastle players.’

‘Both incidents were clear red cards and both were penalties.

Both penalties were sub-standard, but credit to Karl Darlow – particularly for the second one.’

‘Lascelles was being a bit of a prat in the build up. Talking about how if he scored he’d celebrate because the fans and club didn’t treat him well when he came back on loan.

So I’m not surprised he got some boo’s, not sure what Darlow had done to deserve them though.’

‘The comments on some of the (Newcastle) forums and around the web by their fans show you what kind of horrible people they are.

If one of our players had kicked out at someone we’d accept they got sent off for being stupid and we’d slate them for it, if we thought the ref had a bad game we might moan about it, but we wouldn’t go and abuse them.

They remind me of ManUtd fans – expect to win and throw their toys out the pram when they don’t, and blame everyone else because they think their players don’t have to play by the same rules as everyone else.

I really hope we beat them up there, and I hope Lansbury scores just to really pi** them off – and if he scored a penalty too that would be even better.

Not sure the team or fans would get out of Newcastle alive though lol.’

‘Don’t give me all that about we’d blame our player. If Lansbury was wearing a Newcastle shirt last night everyone would quite rightly be slating him like hell and quite rightly too!

When even his fellow professionals are openly calling him a conman it just says it all. People exaggerate and are theatrical which is bad enough as it is, Lansbury took it to a new level last night and gives it a good go most weeks !’

‘Delighted with the result, delighted with the spirit and the comeback.

Can’t help but Be angered about Lansbury though, the guy is a conman and a cheat and last night was a disgrace.

The injury feigning, the diving around it’s a joke. I hate watching it from anyone and there’s no justification for it. Forget this bullshit about “it’s just modern football” or “the lad shouldn’t have kicked him or made the tackle” whether the calls are right or wrong his conduct is indefensible and the fact it’s in our colours just makes it even worse for me.’

‘I’m still a bit miffed by the Newcastle fans fury at Lansbury – their players were doing the same thing from the kick off.

At one point the ref even stopped the game as he thought one of their players was genuinely injured and as soon as he did the player jumped up and jogged back.

I really don’t get why they are so mad about the second penalty as it was a very clear penalty. Perhaps not a red card but Lansbury isn’t the one giving the cards out.’

‘Woken up with the best hangover ever.’

‘I fancy us to win up there too. Shelvey is looking at a possible 5 game ban after a hearing on December 19th into violent conduct. He could be out for 8 straight games and they ain’t the same team without him as we saw last night.’

‘Without doubt the most self righteous set of supporters I know.

Never won f*** all but to hear any of them talk about the good old days you’d be wrong to assume those days were littered with league titles and European adventures.

They are a big club in terms of actual size, attendance, stadium but the quicker they and in fact us realise we are also rans the better.’

‘Newcastle –  What a bloody team. 11v11 was no contest – 1 goal would’ve led to 4 or 5. 10v11 they were still the better side. 9v11 they tried manfully but eventually the numbers caught up with them.

Overall, we beat top of the league and it was definitely fun to watch – can’t ask for much more!’

‘I honestly don’t think Newcastle were much of a threat a 11 v 11. They’d set their mind to long ball or set pieces and we didn’t see much else of a threat.’

‘They were absolutely bossing the game and all they needed was one chance because we know how good their finishers are. They got it at 10v11 and I honestly think that even with one red card we would’ve been well beaten.’

‘Lansbury became a captain tonight. My friends and I discussed it before the game – annoy Shelvey and see if you can card him.

Perhaps not particularly fair but welcome to 21st century football. At 11 vs 11 Shelvey was running the show. His sending off severely hampered Newcastle. A goal from nothing not justified at that point.

Lansbury has won us the game tonight.’

‘They won’t, but I’d love it (ha ha!) if Newcastle imploded this season and failed to make the automatic spots.

Their arrogance, and that of their manager, is pathetic.’

‘Lansbury knew what he was up to with Shelvey, was already winding him up before the penalty and they’d had some “words”.

Good job Shelvey posses the meagre brains to act on it – well done Henri.’

‘Went to the game, atmosphere was good to the point I thought there was more than 21k there.

Thought we had an off night in terms of the performance, but well happy with the result. Newcastle looked a real handful until the sendings off, where we needed 3 touches they only needed 1, they had much more pace too.

Suspect it would have been different with parity, but Ill take it given the manager deserves it.

Couldn’t pick a stand out for us, maybe Mills or Perquis, Bendtner looked classy again.’

‘Their support was more arrogant than I remember them of old, another Leeds but without the wit and club honours list to back up their self importance.

Thought our support was gash, we got oustung by 2,000 Geordies.’

‘Well that was an interesting night, they were good, very good, you can see why they are top. Thought we made hard work of the second half, and to keep going down the left seemed like madness, it wasn’t bloody working.’

‘I spent 4 years in Newcastle when I was at Uni. All I heard was we are the best, we are this, we are that. they haven’t won sh*t for years. Loving it, thank you Forest, sh*t performance, sh*t everything but still beat the scummers.

I hate the bastards. You have to live there to understand how they think they have a god given right to win everything….tonight is a good night.’

100million pound team with a champions league manager and couldn’t beat little old Forest f*** em! Let them enjoy the season they’ll soon be losing to Stoke on a Monday night calling for Rafa to be sacked so Shearer can have another go.’

‘They were impressive tonight though…sure they have money to burn, but the discipline was what we need to learn from, their movement off the ball show hunger and confidence and I think its that lack of movement off the ball that oftens puts Forest in the sh*t –

If u look at the Newcastle goal our CBs are stood stock still ball watching, until the familiar futile sliding block – its a mentality thing and its something that a few battling wins and a win against the sheep (Derby) should go a long way to remedy’


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