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Nottingham Forest fans comment on Newcastle red cards overturned – Hilarious

5 years ago

On hearing news of Jonjo Shelvey and Paul Dummett having their red cards rescinded, fair to say that the Nottingham Forest fans haven’t taken it too well…

More conspiracy theories than JFK meeting up with Elvis on the Moon to talk about Roswell.

Apart from one or two of the Nottingham Forest fans below, they all seem to miss the point that they have gained everything on Friday night.

Yes Jonjo Shelvey and Paul Dummett can now play on Saturday and the midfielder in the following two matches – but it is Forest who gained three points under very dubious circumstances.

Even many of the comments below say Dummett’s red card being rescinded wasn’t a massive shock and the reality is that for the 12 minutes after Shelvey was dismissed, Newcastle looked far the better team with 10 men and went a goal up.

Something else for Forest supporters to consider, is that Shelvey is now free to face two of their fellow relegation strugglers in Burton and Wigan, how ironic if something he does in those two games ends up keeping Nottingham Forest from the drop?

Of course their main thrust is the perceived unfairness, with many believing that Newcastle are getting privileges for being a big club against little plucky Nottingham Forest.

It is also ironic that so many Forest fans were keen to say before and after the match, how they had won European Cups and the League not too long ago (35 years ago), whilst Newcastle United have won nowt domestically for over 60 years.

The bottom line for me is that both red cards and penalties weren’t clear cut either way and it is all down to interpretation.

Of course there is nothing like a feeling of injustice from the officials/authorities to get football fans on their high horse – long may it continue!

Nottingham Forest fans comments taken from their top message board Forest Forum:

‘Has any other team ever had two red cards in the same game overturned?’

‘So stamping on an opposition player is acceptable then?’

‘It’s one rule for the bigger clubs and one rule for the others.’

“I’d like to know the reason they rescinded that (Shelvey red) card. Was it they didn’t think the stamp was violent enough or was it because of Lansbury’s actions?

I don’t suppose they will say owt and I’m buggered if I can get my head around it.’

‘I understand the Dummett red because it’s not in the rules anymore that the last man gets sent off.

The one I find outrageous is the Shelvey one.’

‘If they consider Lansbury’ s theatrics to be part of the reason for the red cards then it should be the same for everyone.

There seems to be 2 arguments here – 1 you can’t stamp on another player. 2 if you only lightly stamp on another player and that player makes a meal of it its OK.

If the FA genuinely believe in the decision they have made I don’t see any other alternative than them taking action against Lansbury.’

‘Doesn’t matter whether it was 50/50, he stamped on Lansbury. End of story, and the card shouldn’t be revoked.’

‘It somehow makes the final result taste sweeter.’

‘What nonsense. Dummett maybe, but Shelvey’s overturned?!

F*** off Newcastle – just get promoted and go back to being a nothing club amongst the big boys.

Authorities desperate for them to go up.’

‘How many far more contentious decisions have we had against us and not one of them have ever been overturned.

Newcastle have at least one clear red card and they manage to get them both overturned. Something smells like sh*t to me!!’

‘Utterly mad, though it doesn’t take away the fact on the night they played 45 minutes with 2 fewer players, or that we won the game.

They won’t be able to order a replay and if they did our players should just strip naked after the kick off or whatever constitutes a childish protest these days.’

‘It’s not that but getting red cards overturned is absurdly difficult even in cases (not just forest) that seem obvious. We just want consistency and a fair and open system.’

‘Kicking or stamping on a player with intent is surely a red card regardless of how much pressure is exerted?

Perhaps the FA or the Football League should come out and say how hard you can kick someone before it becomes a bookable/dismissible offence?’

‘In the light of this capitulation by the referee and the FA, Rafa will now no doubt now be demanding retrospective action against Henri.’

‘You’re allowed to kick people off the ball now then. Or is that just a rule change for the ‘big clubs’.’

‘Can’t believe it. Shelvey was certainly no angel. He did kick out at Lansbury even though Lansbury’s slightly delayed reaction was pure Hollywood!

As for the Dummett sending off. He put his hands on Lansbury’s back and Lansbury goes down. You do that in matches these days then you’re asking to give away a free kick and in the area it’s likely to be a peno and sending off. Simple as that. The force he uses may only be slight but he was pushing him in the back so what does he expect.

Outrageous that these are overturned after the ref has made the decisions! Well dodgy!’

‘So, Shelvey can now confidently expect a slap-on-the-wrist ‘punishment’ at his upcoming racial abuse hearing then.’

‘I had thought about this and wondered whether they have been lenient on the stamp red card because he’s set for a long suspension anyway. Although I certainly hope the governing body wouldn’t pull that kind of nonsense, the two shouldn’t be linked.’

‘I’ve got a couple of Newcastle supporting mates, both agree it should be red and a suspension for Shelvey. One believes Lansbury kicked out first, which is hogwash.’

‘Follow the money. That’s what’s happened here.’

‘Wasn’t aware Sepp Blatter is now working on the referee review board.’

‘Kinda hope Lansbury goes up there way later this month, kicks out at one of their players on purpose to get sent off.

Wonder what would be the outcome of our appeal.’

‘If we play over half of that game with nine though, they’d score ten.’

‘This is just a guess but, we aren’t going to get any favours at St James’s are we?’

‘Absolutely unbelievable. No way this happens at any other club.’

‘There’s the have’s and the have not’s………….we know where we fit in.’

‘I would like to congratulate the FA for studying these incidents and supporting one of the ‘big clubs’ of this country who through no fault of their own found themselves playing in the Championship on a Friday evening.

It is perfectly clear in the rule book that stamping on a fellow professional is perfectly acceptable if you play for one of the ‘big’ clubs and Shelvy should never have been sent off for violent conduct.

On the other hand, as it has now been found that Lansbury viciously assaulted the underside of Shelvey’s foot with his thigh he should be retrospectively banned for 15 matches.’

‘Same rules for everyone, that’s all we ask for. And maybe some changes to the rules so that players aren’t sent off for celebrating and are sent off for being thuggish tw*ts like Shelvey has consistently shown himself to be.’

‘Shocking decision. I believe we appealed Vaughan’s red card last season (clearly no intent to injure, hardly even foot up, maximum playacting by their player) but it was upheld. Shelvey kicked out petulantly.

Don’t think we even bothered appealing Lam’s red card (40 yards out, a clear foul like Dummett’s but again the player went down theatrically).

This sends the message that if you’re Newcastle and Benitez accuses an opponent of playacting you’ll get your wish. Any other club can forget it.’

‘Shelvey retaliated and kicked out, clear as day. That is a red card end of.

Dummett allowed Henri to get goal side in the box, made no effort to get a tackle in, simply pushed Lans in the back, denying him a clear goal-scoring opportunity. Again that is a straight red card.

The FA are as corrupt as FIFA, and frightened of the big money at Newcastle.’

‘Henri had miscontrolled the ball and it was under his feet and in between his legs. Is he supposed to run forward so that the oncoming player can avoid him or, alternatively, have the ball?

He was clearly pushed over and Dummett made no attempt to go for the ball. Even if Henri had stopped deliberately, he was still pushed over and Dummett didn’t go for the ball.’

‘On both occasions Lansbury was physically touched. The opposition player made contact. Henri may have made exaggerated both incidents, but who cares?

When David Beckham merely tapped Simeone with his leg in World Cup 1998, Beckham was the clear wrong-doer. People said ‘Oh, well you were stupid enough to fall for it Beckham’. The abuse Beckham got from that was unbelievable.

It seems to me that it’s based on what club or country you play for, and who you are that determines how the dust will settle.’

‘If you want to side with the Newcastle players, as the FA appear to have done, good luck to you. I’m sticking with the good guys.’

‘I think the exasperated reaction to all of this is because a club like Nottingham Forest has had the audacity to do this to a club like Newcastle. How dare they?

Just imagine a player from a club like Burton went to Man United and did something similar. Burton would be expected to take it on the chin if it happened to them though.

Commentators would probably come out with some bullshit like ‘That’s the difference between top level players, they have the know-how and the Burton player has been naive there’.’

‘Certainly true to say that over the last 5 days nobody at Newcastle (or the FA for that matter) has shown any integrity, honesty and decency.’

‘No one would bat an eyelid if the FA wanted to bring in a rule to retrospectively punish players feigning injury. No one would complain about Lansbury’s play-acting earning him punishment.

That doesn’t let Shelvey off the hook. He kicked out, he’s a moron, he deserved his red. It’s the same sort of petulance you see up and down the country almost every weekend and those red cards are not overturned.

It is absolutely vile that the FA chose to do so for this occasion. It’s a middle finger up to the have nots.

The FA is corrupt as sh*t.’

‘Does anyone believe, if the roles were reversed, we would have got 2 red cards rescinded by the FA?’

‘How come a little club like Forest dare to even be on the same field as those fine, upstanding footballers from that massive centre of footballing excellence that is Newcastle?

To be fair, we should replay on a neutral ground until the right result happens.

I expect a warm reception when I travel up for the away game…..’

‘It’s a bit much that the red cards have been rescinded as they looked pretty good calls at the time and even in the TV replays.

Worrying that as has been said, a club like Newcastle can get these decisions but we never would.

Parachute payments aren’t enough to get these teams promoted it seems.’

‘I think that’s what really gets to me – both players are now available for their next game.

A club with parachute payments and a large squad gets 2 players banned for 3 games. Shock horror – they appeal and get them back instantly. Something stinks.’

‘Arguing with a very good friend who happens to be a NUFC fan.

In one comment says Shelvey didn’t do anything and Lansbury should be banned for simulation then the next saying how he’s praying for Shelvey to break both his legs in the next game.



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