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Some classic comments from Birmingham fans after Newcastle visit…and hammering

5 years ago

So what did the Birmingham fans think of the match, St James Park, the home fans, their team, Newcastle United and our City?

The great thing about checking out what the away fans are saying, is that you never quite know what to expect.

Some groups of supporters are honest with a lunatic fringe, whilst others are the other way around.

Have to say that the Birmingham fans are one of the more entertaining and they had a wide range of comments that I found hard to disagree with generally.

Very realistic about the actual match and result, whilst I get the feeling that they think that a fall from the top handful in the league was on the cards.

As usual, some of the more interesting comments are observations on their visit away from what happened at St James Park

Birmingham fans comment after their St James Park experience, via their top supporter message board SmallHeathAlliance:

‘Remember that smell of chips, pi** and fags in the Bull Ring in the 70’s?

That’s what Newcastle is like today.

That said Newcastle is a proper big club.

You don’t get that big club feeling at The Blues or Villa like you did today. They (Newcastle) are in the wrong league.’

‘The fags I saw being smoked were in the bogs, by blues. It was like being back in school.

Newcastle voted remain. Proper cosmopolitan middle class city.

Blues were terrible today, it was a mismatch.’

‘Bang on. Great ground too.

The Black Bull up the road was like walking into a scene from The Likely Lads.’

‘One of the very worst views for an away fan at any ground in the country. And don’t get me started on them stairs Jeez. Hard to scale when you’ve been on the sauce.

 I preferred their old ground when we stood behind the goal.’

‘I’m still here now.

Geordie after Geordie offering sympathies.

God we were bad.’

‘I’m crying in Newcastle McDonalds and eating fillet o fishes to numb the pain.’

‘Thou shall have a fishy on a little dishy thou shall have a fishy when the goals go in.’

‘Feck the footie. 2nd night here, much better than Brum.

Geordies seem a great bunch, the ones we have spoken to. Great night life, buzzing so many bars.

Mind you I’ve been to the art gallery and taken in several of the bridges across The Tyne and collected some of the fog.

Beer has taken its toll whilst watching Chisora fight. We’re in The Akenside on The Quayside and a rendition of KRO went on mid rounds, which the locals didn’t really like. Never mind WTF. We are Blues.’

‘Big Market for good time gals

Quayside for classy gals.’

‘Newcastle. Only place I’ve seen a daytime strip club.’

‘Lived at the Quayside for a while. Cracking city.’

‘With 45 minutes to play, in theory we could come back. Given the abilities of the players on the pitch and lack of tactical ability of the our manager then in my opinion there is no way back for Blues.’

‘‘Newcastle romping it (3-0).’

This is gutless and embarrassing. Questions need to be asked after today.’

‘None of our players would get in their (Newcastle) first team at the moment.’

‘This drubbing shows how far off we are from the top teams. Time for the new owners to get serious.’

‘There’ll be more Newcastles every year now with their obscene relegation rewards.’

‘How much did the bar codes spend in the summer on this lot?’

‘I thought there starting 11 would cost £81m, however I didn’t think diame would play. Now that’s about £87m.’

‘It pains me to be so negative about the Blues but in my opinion we have been poor for a long time.’

‘Pleased with 4-0 — could have been a lot worse. Brings a dose of reality back to things. Roll on Ipswich.’

‘Would have been 8 if it wasn’t for our kush.’

‘Currently nursing a brandy at Newc station. We were hapless for the second week in a row. The filth won too and we have two tricky home games coming up.

Could get messy.’

‘Last week was bad but a bit of a freak result, in a way. We could have won, if we have taken earlier chances and today’s result, given the players we have, was no real surprise.

We remain a team without a single player who is the best in this division. Teams who get up often have a bunch of players who are very good in this division and may be not good enough for the next division. We do not have one player who could hold his own in the prem.

Our players are collectively not good enough. Rowett inherited a load of less than average footballers and has not improved the team with his purchases of the hopeless Kieftenbeld, far too pedestrian Stewart and the two who don’t play much, Fabrinni and Adams.

We are a generally tough team over achieving and have a manager who has made us competitive but who has not improved the team enough when he has the chance. Grounds and Gleeson, for example, screamed for replacement 3 years ago and they still are there.’

‘It is midfield which makes successful teams and Newcastle have Shelvey and Ritchie who have played top flight football whereas our midfielders will never reach that level.’

‘If we go down that route (sacking Rowett) who do we replace him with?

We’re a million miles from the shambles of the Lee Clark era.

There’s room for improvement. I don’t think Rowett is the finished article but I do think he’s good and he’ll learn from his mistakes.’

‘Our fans singing loud & proud, amazing following, makes me proud to be a Blues fan.’


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