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Must Read: Hull fans comment on expected crowd at Newcastle match

4 years ago

If you thought there were a lot of unhappy Newcastle supporters in the lead-up to the League Cup quarter-final, just read what the Hull fans have to say.

Newcastle United were allocated only 2,474 tickets for the game, the bare minimum that the competition rules state the home club has to give to the away team.

A request by NUFC for more tickets was instantly knocked back by Hull City.

As a result there were an awful lot of disappointed Newcastle fans desperate to see the game but unable to get tickets, the fact that Newcastle United have then organised a TV beamback is only a very small compensation to supporters who wanted to be at the KCom stadium.

The thing that really sticks in the throat though, is that with Hull fans deserting their club this season, the belief is that there will be thousands of unsold home tickets that Newcastle supporters would happily have bought.

The general belief was that there would be at least five thousand empty seats in the KCom stadium which holds just under twenty five thousand.

However, reading the comments below, it sounds like the deep hatred of the club’s owners (the Allams) means that the final crowd figure could be really embarrassingly low, even though they have set the prices from just £9 (top price £15) for the quarter-final.

Comments taken from various Hull City fans message boards:

‘(Newcastle fans) kicking up a stink about their allocation not being increased – raising several points and facts that there’s not been a sell-out here all season and there’s going to be plenty of empty seats on show that they could’ve bought. And they would’ve too.

If the Allam tactic is to offer minuscule pricing to entice the home fans in, their business genius is clearly flawed. This game will not sell out.

A quarter final of a league cup, at home, against lower league opposition that gives Hull City a genuine chance of reaching the semi finals for the first time in our history – and it won’t sell out. That’s the damage and havoc wreaked by the Allams for you.

This, in my opinion will be a real ‘f*** you’ to the owners by the fans, like it or not. While I am one of those participating in this, I am grieved – almost loathe – to do so, but I stand by my principles and by those affected by their idiocy, who were simply not even given the choice originally, whether they could or could not go. This, amongst all the other tw*ttery they’ve thrown at us over the years.

The plan won’t work for the Allams, there will be tons of Newcastle fans in the home ends and it has the propensity to be a yet another black day in the history of our club, both on and off the pitch.

While I get even they realise that increasing the away allocation will seriously jeopardise the home fans being able to outnumber the away fans and devaluing home advantage, lowering the ticket prices to entice us, is not going to see thousands flocking back to the fold.

What a total lack of insight our owners have about the real picture going on at our club. Once again, taking the pi** out City fans and calling out their principles. FFS get out, now. Please. You’re a disgrace.

It’s a total shambles.’

‘Couldn’t have put it better myself!’

‘Haha. Took a quick look at a Mags message board. Seems there are a few sad deluded lardy arses who bizarrely think that Newcastle are the best team and have the best support in the universe, and that every other town and city is a sh**hole.

I think they also forget that every time they lose a few games they boo their own team. Great support that chaps.

Oddly tho, with similar ogre-type owner they still do turn up in numbers. Probably says more about blind hope than reality.

Like all Champs teams getting promoted they will need to spend £50m or more to avoid being at the bottom again.

For our own issue, if it wasn’t the Allams making those statements it would be a good offer.’

‘FFS its an attractive tie, Cup Qtr Final at home to Newcastle, never made the semi finals before, any other club would see queues forming, I despair, Hull City Tigers **** off, I want my club back!!!’

‘Got mine, first game i’ll have been to this season and I said  I wasn’t going to go whilst the 2 ****s were still running the club, but its a chance to go out and have a few beers with my mates before the game.

Looking at available seats though, it doesn’t look like many ‘members’ have actually bought their own seats. Looks like we’ll struggle to sell 10k at this rate.’

‘Yeah we can’t even sell tickets at £9 it seems.’

‘Are the Allams really that dumb?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a quid – you’re not getting my money.

Comprende? People aren’t going to suddenly rock up because of the cut down, bargain bucket prices.

They’re not going because of YOU.

When you’ve gone and the dung is cleared, I’ll consider it.’

‘Yes, exactly, they can f*** right off.’

‘Could be a lively night if our fans continue to not show up, they’ll have thousands in the home end.’

‘Seeing as the Allams get half the coin, in the words of Duncan Bannatyne… “I’m out.’

(When we were visiting the Hull message boards, we also saw a few entertaining comments from their fans in advance of a trip to Sunderland this coming weekend…)

‘Sunderland is a beautiful place and you can always make a weekend of it by going over to Middlesbrough on the Sunday, your wife or girlfriend will forever thank you.’

‘I am going to the SOL for the first time with the wife and family friends. We are staying over in Newcastle on the Saturday and taking the metro to the game and back. Maybe there are a few supporters like us going to an away game for the first time in over a year. Looking forward to a good weekend.’

‘My mate is staying in Newcastle with his Mrs. Unfortunately no beer for me.but I get to take 3 lads to a KFC and suffer the resulting gasses or drive home with a window open.’


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