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After Jamie Carragher comments look at what Sunderland fans said in August…

4 years ago

Jamie Carragher has used DeAndre Yedlin as an example of Sunderland’s problems this season.

The Sky Sports pundit saying that the Newcastle player is a prime example of a player that the mackems had at the end of last season, who is a class above what they have this time around.

Jamie Carragher:

“When you looked at Sunderland at the end of last season, I looked at DeAndre Yedlin at full-back.

“He was a big, strong powerful lad, who could get up and down.

“Now they have Billy Jones…that was better last season.”

Interesting to look three months ago back in August at what Sunderland fans were saying, when Yedlin was signing for Newcastle.

When you read through them, there are obviously some bitter ones who were never going to acknowledge that the deal would be good for their rivals.

However, many more were honest, also interesting just how many could foresee what a mess their club/team/manager was going to be this season, even though at that point they had only played two Premier League matches, which included a narrow 2-1 defeat at top of the table Manchester City who have now just beaten Barcelona 3-1.

These are comments we published back on 24 August 2016 as DeAndre Yedlin was in the process of signing for Newcastle, they were from Sunderland fans commenting on Mackem message board Ready To Go:

‘If the maggots sign him and we are left with Love and Jones at the end of the window, I think Moyes might just as well just empty his desk on September 1st.’

‘I would be disappointed if he went there, he would improve our current team and wouldn’t cost the earth. No excuse for us not to be in for him, unless Moyes doesn’t fancy him.’

‘Moyes doesn’t seem to ‘fancy’ anyone who is any good.’

‘Yedlin is very very average mind. His pace makes people think he’s a lot better than what he is. Will do well in the championship but in this league?.. Meh.’

‘He’d have been much more useful than McNair in those first two games for the same outlay and we wouldn’t have had to endure Love starting games.’

‘If we’d signed someone better I’d agree, unfortunately the one we have signed is the stuff of nightmares.’

‘Don’t think there’s anything in it yet mate.’

‘Some people are clueless, Love is arguably the worst right-back we have ever had and they say Yedlin is average, unbelievable Jeff.’

‘I liked Yedlin far more than his footballing ability warranted. Seemed a good egg, good attitude and popular with him team mates. I would have been happy to have him back due to the signs of improvement and his attitude.’

‘I’m not arsed about Yedlin in all honesty, his form improved at the end of the season but for most of the season he didn’t look good enough. Yedlin would improve us currently but I’m positive we will bring in a right back before the window shuts so we’ll have to see who that is.’

‘Providing we can get someone better going forward in I’m not too fussed tbh. So often last season he’d get in a good position and his delivery would let him down.’

‘His foul throw last season gave the ball back to the Scum and then they scored!’

‘Yedlin has good pace, poor in the air and poor end product too. He’s no great loss.’

‘He did very well towards the end of the season and his desire to get forward brought relief to the defence and us playing in the oppos half. More than worth a purchase for £5m, and im annoyed hes on his way to the mags. The f***ers will no doubt sell him for £15m next year too… (when they get relegated again).’

‘I’m about as sad about Yedlin going there as I was when Simpson went.’

‘You can’t tell me he’s not better than what we’ve already bought. Bar Januzaj we’ve not signed any proven premier league quality. Yedlin played well for us last season. Not saying he’s the best thing since sliced bread but surely 5 million would have been better spent than on the two (Man) United lads?’

‘Surprised nobody else in the Premier League has picked him up. Very good signing for the mags’

‘I’m not Yedlin’s biggest fan but if I had £5m I’d rather spend it on him than McNair and Love. It makes more sense from both a football and business sense.’

‘He was pretty good in the second half of the season. I liked the fact that we had 2 full backs with loads of pace, yes they both have deficiencies in defence but it’s likely that any player we sign will.’

‘Think we’re all kidding ourselves to say we wouldn’t of had yedlin. Proved he was a capable performer last year.’

‘The Mags are doing what they can to ensure they get back to where we currently are.

They’re doing it by overpaying for less than average players and inflating the transfer market.’

‘Everyone saying he’s sh*te only doing so because he’s going to the mags

He was very decent the back end of last season and was coming on well. disappointing to see him go to them because we won’t pay the money.’

They (Newcastle) are selling all their “good” players and replacing them with plodders? Odd way to show ambition.

Don’t know how any Sunderland fan can even think of putting those useless tw*ts in a superior light to us.’

‘Not good enough for midfield so they converted him into a fast defender who can’t defend.’

‘Yet another player that Newcastle will have to instantly improve on when they come back up.’

‘Can’t blame the lad for going there we haven’t even tried to bring him back yet he’d improve our team. Joke this club like! Laughing stock of the premiership.’

‘After one of the worst transfer windows for us ever it’s topped off by an ex SAFC loanee capable of doing a job for us going to the mags. F***ing hell man.’

‘Didn’t want him at first because thought we should have been looking for someone better but he would walk in our team at the min.’

‘Yedlin is young, coachable and not the finished product. He has potential

Your lot will hound him out after his first couple mistakes.

If he signs with you, you deserve each other, because he should know better.’


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