News on Tuesday morning from Marseille, that Florian Thauvin was the subject of a violent attempted robbery.

As reported by La Provence, the Newcastle winger was driving through Marseille at around 7pm on Monday night when targeted by violent criminals.

Florian Thauvin was stationary in his vehicle when a scooter ran into the back of his car.

Getting out of his car to investigate the damage, the Marseille loan player was then grabbed from behind in a stranglehold by the pillion passenger, whilst the driver of the scooter attempted to steal a watch believed to be worth around 25,000 euros from Thauvin’s wrist. The football player having fallen for the oldest trick in the book, with the bump and attempted robbery.

The Police believe that Florian Thauvin was specifically targeted by the pair but they were left empty handed, with the player managing to slip out of the stranglehold and do a runner to safety, with the two attackers unable to catch him.

There are no reports of any serious injury to Thauvin.

It was recently revealed that the Newcastle winger had effectively become a permanent Marseille player back in August, with only three appearances being the trigger to make his loan deal turn into a buy.

However, this permanent transfer will then only be processed and the transfer fee become payable at the end of the season, after his loan deal expires.