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Cockney mafia forcing Alan Pardew out of Crystal Palace – Some must read comments

5 years ago

Newcastle fans never had a problem with Crystal Palace supporters, in fact safe to say they didn’t really have any opinion on them at all, until Alan Pardew.

‘Pards’ was a cult hero for Palace fans and the former player walking out on the ‘deluded’ Newcastle United and supporters, ticked so many boxes.

When Newcastle fans expressed their relief at getting rid of Alan Pardew and warned their Palace counterparts of the dangerous journey that lay ahead, it wa predictably mocked.

The fact Pardew’s mates in the media (Paddy Barclay, Ian Wright, Jason Burt and others) all waded in big style to help beat Newcastle fans with a big stick marked ‘deluded’, only added to the war of words against the people of Tyneside.

Early good form for Alan Pardew and Palace, combined with a disastrous appointment of John Carver at St James Park, gave all the ammunition needed for our friends in London to claim that the war was won.

Of course, Newcastle supporters knew it was only one or two battles that had been lost, Carver was always going to be a disaster and they knew it was only a matter of time before we saw the usual Alan Pardew cycle repeated – early promise, then a slump, saved by the odd run of wins, the outlook grim and realisation that he isn’t up to the job of managing in the Premier League.

Crystal Palace fans have had to find out the hard way, not many deluded ones still exist, just read these latest reactions/comments from the top Palace message board after their 5-4 loss at Swansea and worst results of 94 clubs in 2016 across all four divisions:

‘I am sorry but this is not just about today but the last 40 odd games.

We are in deep trouble and at risk of heading back to the championship and losing all the money that comes with being in the premiership.

Seriously it does not matter who comes in as it cant get any worse than this but we need to hurry up and act before it is too late.

How anyone can defend Pardew and his record in 2016 beggars belief.

Please Parish do the right thing for the club and get rid now.’

‘What have I just watched ? Absolute joke. See ya Pards.’

Pards has lost the plot, just go.’

‘To paraphrase Cromwell and then Leo Amery: Pardew, “you have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, Go!”.’

‘Taking the scoreline aside, we were a shambles out there. No organisation, no ball retention, no idea.

Off the fence and now firmly in the “out” camp.’

‘Bob Bradley 5 Job Badly 4. Made me laugh in very dark days indeed.’

‘Agreed, I don’t think his conditioning sets a great example.

Andy Woodman has benefitted greatly from being on the AP meal ticket ever since they became buddies during their CPFC playing days.

He was assistant manager at Rushden & Diamonds and after helping take them down secured lucrative jobs on Pardew’s say-so at West Ham, Charlton, Newcastle and now with us.

Anyone noticed that goalkeeping has been a disaster at our club under his tutelage?’

‘I’ve supported him all along, but this week apparently we trained on defending. This all started last summer when everybody said we needed more depth in the full back positions. Well everybody except Pards.

Enough is enough. Somebody has to be accountable.

Pardew out.’

‘He said clean sheets weren’t a priority. Don’t know what everyone’s complaining about.

Seriously – sometimes it’s better to believe what your eyes are telling you. We’ve been a shambles who don’t know how to win for months.

He should have gone end of last season.’

‘A chancer who is always found out and has been again. With the players Palace have ATM no excuse and clear to see the fitness levels are shocking. The players have tried and still have heart. Burnley and today prove this but the c*** of a manger ruins everything….because he is a c***.

Sorry but I am so angry at this clown and his nonsense. If not sacked this week then we are going down like the Titanic and do not doubt for one second we won’t. The c*** has used up all his luck.’

‘Maybe Pardew told them if we don’t win today I’m out.’

He cant even use the usual excuse of “we were unlucky”.

Unlucky is conceding a late equaliser in the last minute, not both an equaliser and a losing goal in the last minute.’

‘I feel sick to the gut as you could clearly see this continuing on from the end of last season. The cup final saved his bacon last season but in my opinion he should have been dismissed before the start of this campaign.

That  dance at 1 0 up will haunt me for ever. Should have been getting the team back in shape ready to see out the last few minutes clueless.

When he took over we had a team spirit second to none. Slowly but surly you could see this dripping away and now we are reaping what Pardew has sown.’

‘Pardew came in and there was a sense of hope and excitement as he is an ex player. We thought that the Newcastle fans were just spitting sour milk, but they were right in their summing up of Pardew.

Those in the know have said that Paredew is arrogant, rude and needs to be told what to say!

He has lost the team and has no idea of anything other than plan ‘A’! Which has showed in the last 10 or more games.’

‘Papa Souare had not been out of action, we would be challenging for Europe by now.

OK, there has been sloppiness, but we have been incredibly unlucky.

Amazed how many Palace fans are so willing to kick a bloke when he’s down

I just hope the board is a good deal more loyal.

I like Pards – I buy into his vision for attacking play.

Please somebody agree with me.’

‘After today’s result I don’t blame you for sniffing glue, you’ve got to be on something to back that clown. You’re on your own I think and you’re deluded.’

‘The best I’ve seen Palace play for years this season. Even if the results aren’t coming, we’re not getting hammered.’

‘Surely there’s no debate anymore?

 I think he would have got the extra games had we lost 2-1, but that was just a disgrace. And when they scored, I laughed, because it was so inevitable.

Going forward is not an issue, but the “clean sheets are not my priority” mentality is clearly a front for the inability to organise a defence. It has been the same for a year now, all of us who are merely fans can see the problem but the manager getting millions a year is oblivious to it.

We may be seen as a bit of a joke if we get Fat Sam in but my god he can’t do much worse.’

‘If the club can pay £25m for Benteke they can invest in a good manager. Quite honestly anyone. Its bizarre that I even would like the Newcastle manager…’

‘Giving him a new contract is looking more foolish each week. Will presumably cost us millions to get rid of him.’

‘I can’t believe what I’m reading here. The stalwarts of the Holmesdale calling for regicide!

Look guys, this is a monarch who took us to a cup final and always plays front foot attacking football. Don’t tell me we’re going to allow ourselves to sink to the depths of those deluded Geordies who demand more than four wins in a calendar year.

Let’s get behind Al and his lush brand of football!’


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