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Deluded Sunderland fans demand 8th new manager in 3 years – Classic comments

5 years ago

Sunderland fans always love to portray Newcastle supporters as deluded.

Supposedly demanding decent managers are sacked before getting a decent chance…

However, after  having had seven managers in the past three years (Moyes, Allardyce, Advocaat, Poyet, Ball (Caretaker), Di Canio, O’Neill) Sunderland fans are kicking off and demanding David Moyes is replaced after a handful of games in charge on Wearside.

You couldn’t make it up.

(Sunderland are only the second team in top flight history to fail to win any of opening eight league games in consecutive seasons (Bury were the other –  1905-06)

Yes they only have two points and no wins well into October but Moyes was only appointed just before the season started, after Sam Allardyce had taken the mick.

When you consider that the current manager is the most accomplished in English football that Sunderland have had in the modern era, it is hilarious.

Fat Sam has a couple of top 10 finishes in the top tier in his entire career, whilst at Everton with precious little resources most of the time he had 10 seasons where he finished in the top seven, including getting them into the Champions League.

Yet they think that fat chancer is the answer to their problems/dreams based on one lucky season when they couldn’t even get 40 points and Steve McClaren kept them up!

Sunderland fans demanding seventh manager in three years, classic comments from their top message board ReadyToGo:

‘Get the f*** off his back!!!’

‘Oh f*** off.

He’s f***ing clueless.’

‘Haway man be honest. You’d expect at least one win by now.’

‘He’s useless. An embarrassment. Get rid now.’

‘He’s signings have been sh*t (and waaaaaaaay overpriced).’

‘I wouldn’t mind if I could see progress or had an idea about what he was trying to achieve but it’s just woeful performance after woeful performance and as much as the players do the playing, the buck stops with Moyes.’

‘With this 11 there are no chance we are staying up no matter who the manager is.’     

‘The moment Allardcye became available again his position was thrown in to massive danger in my opinion.’

‘Would any of you trust Moyes to spend your money for you?’

‘He’s been woeful up to this point. He looks utterly clueless.’

He is another Maclaren. Newcastle gave him time and look what happened. What on earth were the board thinking when they gave him a four year contract, they didn’t even give Sam that.’

‘He signed 10 players for over 30 million quid in his first transfer window and not one would get into another premier league team. The bloke is the ultimate has been.’

All he had to do was buy M’VILA and yedlin to recreate last year’s team. Instead he sp**ked 25M on sh*te and made some of the worst loan signings we’ve made since coming back up.’

‘I honestly think Allardyce is about the only manager out there who could keep us up.’

‘He’s turned a team who finished last season well into a team that resembles the 15 pointers.’

‘Scary thing is I honestly can’t see where our next and first win is going to come from. We look clueless, sh*t and cannot even get some of the basics right.

Even when we weren’t doing particularly well under Allardyce last season we were at least a bit difficult to break down and stubborn f***ers. Now we concede for fun and leak goals that would be criminal in Sunday league.’

‘We sack managers every year and then wonder why nothing changes.’

‘I would be amazed if we avoided relegation this season. Our demise is due to many issues, certainly not the manager.

Just give DM to sort it out. Sacking him now would be a disaster.’

‘Thought people impersonating clowns were supposed to be arrested.’

‘It’s like the impossible dream, a win before Xmas!

I hate changing the managers every six months but Moyes is a disaster….we’re no nearer a win than on the first day of the season.’

‘We will not win a game all season if he stays. The Club is a total F***ing Joke. Shambles.’

‘Moyes has been at the club for about three months now, all things considered he’s been really impressive. Quality signings in his first transfer window. His infectious self confidence, unwavering self belief and father figure approach has the players fighting for each other all over the pitch, and connecting with the fans off it.

He’s carried on Big Sam’s clever player rest and recovery ethos to keep injuries to an absolute minimum, and he finally has Rodwell bossing games.

Just needs the results to slot into place and the jigsaw will be complete, all of the signs are there that it’s just about to happen.’

‘If he buys M’Vila and Yedlin for say a combined fee of 10-12m there’s his starting point and tens of millions to spend on two or three players to add quality with another couple of loans to beef out the squad.’

‘OK, so we’ve had one good manager in the past 10 years? We’ve sacked all the rest. We didn’t get rid of him, he left us. Most people wanted Allardyce to stay but who’s more qualified out there to get the most out of a poor side on paper? Genuinely question.

So yes, law of averages. Griping on about not having Allardyce anymore is quite pathetic really. It’s the reality we live in.’

‘He has made it hard for a lot of fans to take to him so god knows what the players think of him.

Yesterday was the third game this season we’ve finished a match with one shot on target, and we were playing the team who were second bottom.’

‘I’d personally see if we can establish with Moyes at the helm. That would include relegation and beyond if necessary.’

‘Imagine if we sacked Moyes and got Allardyce back. Not sure I’d complain but what a f***in joke that would be.’

‘Never liked watching his Everton sides, and the only real reason people can give for sticking with him is look what he did at Everton. Or we shouldn’t be sacking him as we ll look daft.

He’s shown no signs of replicating what he did at Everton. In the space of a couple of months he’s managed to ruin the work of Allardyce.’

‘As has been pointed out earlier in the thread Allardyce lost 8 of his first 11 but I was always banging the drum on here that we should do whatever it took to keep him as it was clear what he was trying to do and implement. It was really no surprise when things turned as it was coming.

I really don’t see anything of the sort from Moyes despite him having spent £30m.’

‘We’re becoming as fickle as the mags and people wanting a manager sacked after 7 games is mind boggling.’


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