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What Wolves fans have had to say about the ‘trouble’ at Newcastle Cup match

5 years ago

Newcastle got a small piece of revenge on Tuesday night in the cup, having lost to Wolves in the Championship on Saturday.

However, one surprising topic of conversation after United’s win, was ‘trouble’ at the end of the match.

This is what the Police view of it was, followed by some interesting comments from Wolves fans who were at St James Park last night.

Inspector Dave Balmer, of Northumbria Police’s Football Neighbourhood Policing Team:

 “We do not tolerate this type of disorder at our football matches and we’ll be working to identify those involved.

“Our Football Neighbourhood Policing Team has worked hard to reduce disorder at our football matches in recent years and we have managed to significantly reduce this type of behaviour.

“The vast majority of football fans behave impeccably and we want to thank them for their continued support.”

So what did the Wolves fans make of it all?

Here are a range of views taken from top Wolves fans message boards Wolves Forum and Molineux Mix :

‘There were a small group of 4 or 5 or dickheads in the coach on the way up who where obnoxious.

Many of fans from both sides mixed and got on well in The Strawberry before the game, that’s the home pub right next to the ground. I would suggest that away fans coming into The Wanderer when it was still standing would not been so well received.

However, the same small group of dickheads from the coach succeeded in getting themselves thrown out. Once the game started the same dickheads then stood in the top corner right next to the home fans and spent the entire match goading them. Surprisingly after 85 minutes they did enough to stir up a reaction.

Everyone else was well behaved, there was good support from a small Wolves contingent who got behind the team most of the night, no other wolves fans did anything to cause a problem just the dickheads. Having done enough to really **** them off, the Newcastle fans that lay siege to the exit but they were not that interested in anyone else, just dickheads who had been intent on causing problems all along, the rest of us walked past with little or no problem.

The old guy who received an injury was on the receiving end of something aimed at the dickheads. The objects thrown at the coaches were eggs from a bunch of kids that looked around 13.

The shock on the dickheads faces when they returned to the coach was priceless. As there had not been any hint of trouble and the fans had mixed well at both games, there was no cordon to protect the away fans leaving the ground and the exit was very close the that of the home fans.

The dickheads had to run a gauntlet of what can only be described as a lynch mob waiting for them at the exit. Its amazing how they lost their bravado without stewards and police to hide behind.

Just a pity that when the police realised what was going on they stepped in to save the dickheads from a kicking as for once it would have been thoroughly deserved.

Around 4k Wolves fans have had a great time in Newcastle over the past few days, such a pity that a small group of dickheads have tried so hard to undermine all of goodwill that was created.’

‘That’s exactly the way I saw it. The small group in the top corner shouted abuse at Newcastle fans all night, banged on the stand and were generally idiotic in their behaviour. I’m pretty sure there would have been no reaction from the teenage Newcastle fans and no trouble at all but for this small group of Wolves fans. They were embarrassing.’

‘On the “trouble”.

It was nothing more than a handbags between a few chavs who had had too much fizzy pop on a school night.

Personally I just walked straight through them smiling and didn’t get any agro at all.

They egged the coaches on the way out as well.

Hope the old guy is ok.

These are not a representation of the Newcastle people who on Saturday and tonight were absolutely top class.’

‘As for the trouble at the end. We had a small group of fans at the top of our corner, right next to the Newcastle fans. They banged the back of the stand a lot and generally shouted abuse at the Newcastle fans all night, some good humoured, some not so good humoured.

At the end of the game a lot of young kids / teenagers, who came with the £3 tickets I’m sure, came towards them and were held back by the police. The small group of Wolves fans carried on goading them and the police also had to hold them back too. It didn’t really seem threatening at all but just incase I used the exit furtherest away from the Newcastle kids and slipped into the crowd with no bother.

I think there was then some disruption near where the Wolves fans exited by the Newcastle fans. Think it caught the police by surprise as they didn’t expect trouble.

Whether it would have all happened without our little band of taunters by their fans I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not – there were only about 7-8 of them and they seemed pretty young too. Most of our fans took no notice of what was happening off the pitch.’

‘I got hit by a mint imperial inside the stadium 😉

This basically sums them up they were a bunch of kids and I saw no real threat at all apart from the things they were throwing. Outside they threw a few bottles and traffic cones but I and many other Wolves just stood and watched from a few feet away and they made no attempt to cause any trouble.

They will be all excited tomorrow reliving their antics at school.’

‘I genuinely think it’s a by-product of letting kids in for cheap, you get lots of people who wouldn’t go normally. There were a few idiots under the stand on Saturday but they were the type who’d only go and shout in the knowledge they were protected by the stewards.

Showed through by the lack of any atmosphere except for a couple of ‘toon toon’ chants when it was in the bag in the dying minutes of the game.

As much as I dislike NUFC, don’t let the actions of a handful of idiots put you off the rest who were decent on Saturday.’

‘Newcastle fans are massing around the 500 or so Wolves fans

Police & stewards forming a double line inbetween – no idea why as they are winning & no reason for any aggro.’

‘It wouldn’t surprise me. Newcastle fans have a history of being petty.’

‘They weren’t this ‘hard’ when there were 3500 of us in full voice.’

‘Maybe they get a few of their dicks turn up for league cup like we did with Notts County a couple of seasons ago.’

‘89 minutes and nothing from the Geordies apart from some back to back chants by about 6 Wolves fans and 30 toon fans. Suddenly all the chavvy little pricks came streaming up from right at the front and got very mouthy. Stewards and police tried to funnel them back down to the exits.

Full time they rushed out and round to the one main exit the Wolves fans were being let out from. A bottle was thrown and hit an old guy on the head, splitting it open. Managed to get out of an exit away from the pricks.

So sad that after the great atmosphere on Saturday a bunch of teens spoilt it.’

‘Hundreds of Newcastle fans mainly young ones gathered outside our exit gates and caused trouble, fists flying, police didn’t really know what to do, one elderly Wolves fan was rushed off by police holding his head

Only lasted 3/4 mins but not pleasant at all.’


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