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What Spurs fans have had to say about signing Moussa Sissoko – Interesting and amusing!

5 years ago

I think there is a pretty clear consensus from Newcastle supporters with regard to departing superstar Moussa Sissoko but what about the Spurs fans?

A dramatic £30m deadline day purchase of one of the stars of Euro 2016, they must be very excited with this addition…

Well reading the comments below, some Spurs fans do think it is a great signing, though others aren’t quite so impressed…

The positivity on bringing Moussa Sissoko in, appears to revolve around a belief that Pochettino can get him playing well on a regular basis (in excess of twice a season) and also, by basing their views on how Sissoko has played against Tottenham and what they saw at the Euros.

Other Spurs fans have looked at the bigger picture and the past three years at Newcastle, though mitigating circumstances are claimed thanks to having to play under Pardew, McClaren and Carver, which is fair enough.

We visited one of the top message boards for Spurs fans, ‘The Fighting Cock’, to gauge the mood of their supporters.

Spurs fans on signing Moussa Sissoko:

‘Let’s just be honest last season everyone was shi*e at Newcastle also cause they were managed by bloody McClaren. In his first season at Newcastle he was very good and if he can become that again, I think we’ve got a good to very good player.’

‘A guy with a huge upside, imo, who if he can play his best football rather consistently can offer us a lot. Seems like someone who can make stuff happen by running.’

‘Not convinced, especially at the reported £30m. My Newcastle supporting mate is really glad he’s gone, says there’s such a positive mood around Newcastle at the moment and would be gutted if Sissoko was to return and sour that, which kind of says a lot to me.’

‘Everton have withdrawn interest, now fingers crossed levy does a levy and moves the goalposts and fat Ashley tells him to get f***ed.’

Regardless of what Newcastle fans say every time I’ve seen him against us he’s been impressive, physically strong and fast and will run at players which again is something we have absolutely nothing of.’

.30m for this shower of sh*t: I can’t get my head around it.

You gotta give it to Newcastle though, they sold their overrated, underperforming drosses for huge profits this summer.’

‘F*** sake.

I would love to be wrong about this. I hope he turns out to be incredible for us.

He won’t though.’

‘Obviously hated by the Newcastle players, toxic presence in the dressing room etc. I understand not rating a player that’s blatantly going to leave you but to completely deny him of any talent like 99% of the Newcastle fans on twitter is a bit daft.’

‘Funnily enough. Benitez is the only manager he’s played under who’s remotely good and he looked good under him. I’d be lazy too if my managers were John Carver and Steve McClaren.

You don’t think Poch will know of the ‘lazy’ tag? He’s turned many careers around and made superstars out of nothing. I’m happy.’

‘I try hard to look for positives, whilst I struggle to find any on the player, I can comfort myself with the knowledge that Poch is the best coach I have seen at Spurs, he really does make players better. If he can sort this bloke out then he should get a knighthood.’

‘Given how much money we put in to the club, through over priced tickets, merchandise, and satellite subscriptions, seeing it end up in a place where we’re paying £30m for a relegated trouble maker with bad attitude who loved Woolwich, it kinda feels a bit… errr… f***ing shi*e?’

Whenever I’ve seen Sissoko, against us or on MOTD or most recently in the euros, he’s looked f***ing quality. So even if he has bad days or a poor attitude, I firmly think Poch will get the best out of him, and the best is very good.’

‘This signing is taking the pi**. It’s a huge gamble on a player who is very inconsistent, often can’t be arsed, got relegated, and who’s attitude often stinks. I love your optimism, but this is one if the most depressing transactions we’ve done.’

‘He has put in performances in the premier league that have earned him comparisons to Toure. His performances in the euros were spot on and had people saying he was worth more than Pogba.’

‘Sorry, has anyone suggested that Man Utd should have bought Sissy instead of Pogba? No.’

‘£30m for Sissoko?

How did Newcastle manage to squeeze that much out of us for a wantaway with terrible attitude and inconsistent performances?

And after all these years of penny pinching, we go big to sign Moussa f***ing Sissoko?’

‘He’s completely unplayable on his day, it’s just that thus far his ‘on’ days are few and far between. If Poch can get consistent performances out of him, like he has done with Dembele, Lamela etc then this could prove to be a very good transfer. If not, then it could be an absolute disaster.’

‘We are practically unable to beat top half teams. We picked most our points from being effective against the smaller clubs. With a player like Sissoko, with his ability to turn defence into attack quickly with his strong running on the ball, we may have just what we need to turn some of the big-game draws into wins.’

‘He’s going to be a great signing.

He never had any attitude problems playing for France, or Toulouse. Last season he played for a f***ing shi* Newcastle under half a dozen different managers.’

‘I like the signing in large part because I believe in Poch and Lloris. There’s no question that Sissoko has had motivation issues in the past, but this is the first time he’s played for a “big” club in major competitions and he’s always played massively when the attention has been on him (i.e – on TV, against big clubs, for France). I don’t think we would sign him if Poch and Lloris weren’t both on board with the deal.

Given that – he’s a huge talent and he fits what we need badly. He’s a fucking ox on the ball, he dribbles people like no other CM other than Dembele and he’s pacey with a ton of stamina. He’s got a nice end product as well, setting others up for scoring chances regularly.

If it wasn’t for the motivation questions, Sissoko is a 50m midfielder in this current market. I have faith in Poch and Lloris sorting him out, and if that’s the case I think this will end up looking like a steal.’

‘Still trying to wake up from this nightmare.’

‘This guy is the most toxic c*** in the universe, his treatment of Everton in this saga says enough about his character for me. Shambolic window where we were meant to really push on, but in the end have stood still.’

‘Everyone is basing their knowledge (and fairly) of him at Newcastle, but that’s also limiting as we saw what he can do at the Euros when he wants to play.’

Sissoko does not have any excuses anymore. He is not playing in a poor team under a poor manager, as he did so often at Newcastle. He has not joined a stepping stone club. He is where he believes he deserves to be, a club challenging for the title, a Club challenging for trophies, a Champions League team. There is no pressure on Spurs, the pressure is on him and him alone to prove he belongs here.’

‘So will we get the Sissoko of Newcastle or the Euro 16 version? Poch must think the latter, if so this could be a very good signing for us. He offers something different, someone who can run at and past the opposition defence with power and pace.’

‘If Poch can make him consistently good we could easily double our investment. Especially if he performs well for France at the World Cup.’

‘I remember arguing with a Geordie mate as to who was a bigger mercenary out of him and Adebayor. He was scathing about Sissoko and this was a year ago let alone after he stood by as Newcastle went down without a fight.’

‘Fact is, the Newcastle fans are all acting like an ugly c*** who just got cheated on. Going around spreading insults because you are in denial about the situation. You got relegated because you are a crap team with no identity – you should be thankful that these “mercenaries” are giving back all their initial transfer fees and wages in their transfer values.’


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