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Derby County fans talking about whether they’d welcome Steve McClaren back…

4 years ago

Newcastle fans are still waiting for somebody to rescue them from the appearances of Steve McClaren on Sky, the former NUFC boss telling us all what Rafa needs to do.

Since being sacked in March, fair to say that there hasn’t been a lot of interest in employing him.

However, there may be light at the end of the tunnel as Derby County are said to be seriously considering him as a replacement for Nigel Pearson.

So what do Derby fans think of a potential Steve McClaren return.

The man who says that he was the right manager for Newcastle, just at the wrong time…

Derby fans on whether they’d welcome Steve McClaren back, comments from top Derby County fans message board

‘Before we could even consider having Steve McClaren back surely we’d need assurances that he’ll be doing something about that obscene ‘tuft’ of ginger hair on the front of his head.’

‘I think dyed white and black stripes and styled like a unicorn horn would be best for the tuft.’

‘Wondering if the people asking for Wagner don’t want McClaren back. Huddersfield are top of the league and are looking like genuine title contenders. The last time that happened for us was when McClaren was in charge.

Since the reason that most fans don’t want McClaren back is because he jumped ship to a bigger club (even though he was officially sacked) let me get this straight; the size difference from Derby to Newcastle is massive, enormous In every way, whereas from Huddersfield to Derby is no way near on that scale.’

‘It’s not about Mac leaving for Newcastle, it’s how it was all handled.

If Newcastle had come in and Mac had turned round and said openly that he wanted the job and couldn’t turn it down and was going with immediate effect or had said that he had agreed to take the job at the end of the season I have no problem with that.

I would have been gutted to be losing him but hey wouldn’t we all take a bigger job with more money?’

‘You could argue that McClaren would fit the bill.

Steve Bruce would be an uninspiring appointment but he ticks all the boxes.

I’ll just support any manager that comes in (apart from Allardyce) and see where it takes us.’

‘Originally I said yes for some reason but after thinking about it absolutely not. People, including myself, only think about  the successes, not the failures.’

‘Could go either way really, could rejuvenate our team which is still heavily his team- but equally he’s not tended to be good in situations like this.’

‘No, thank you.’

‘Have my reservations about it but I would be receptive to him coming back. Unlike Pearson who I never wanted for a single second.

Won’t happen though. Probably going to be Powell for the foreseeable.’

‘A big no thank you.’

‘Absolutely yes.’

‘It’s a yes from me, last truly likeable manager we’ve had. Enjoyed his style of football.

Admittedly the whole Newcastle debacle was a bit of a farce, but who wouldn’t have their head turned by that sort of jump up, it happens every day in most fields of work.’

‘If it’s a choice between Mac and Bruce, I’d have him back in a second. Just remember what THAT football was like to watch…..’

‘McClaren’s permanent signings were pretty horrendous on the whole. His loans worked fantastically well which was the main reason for his success. As much as I liked the football, he was severely lacking in the signings department. How many of his players are in the current side v Clough and Clement? Any?’

I’m not a McClaren fan in the slightest. Supreme choke artist.’

‘Maybe the first time for derby to have a foreign manager, might be wrong but I’m sure we’ve never had a manager from further afield than the UK’

‘McClaren was from the Netherlands mate, sort it out.’

‘Get Schteve back.’

‘I wanted McClaren out. I was made up with Clement. I wanted Pearson.

It’s been an unmitigated disaster. I don’t deserve to have my opinion on the next one respected in sensible company.

And for some or all of the same reasons, neither do most of you lot.

(Can we have Steve McClaren back please?)’

‘Maca back any time  for meeeeeeeeeeee.’

‘I would welcome Steve Mac back…if not give Powell a chance.’

‘Schteve couldn’t fit us in around lectures and homework now that he’s gone back to school (probably pronounced schkool).’

‘If David Wagner was to leave Huddersfield for us then you could be looking at another McClaren situation.

‘A manager who head is easily turned by the sight of a bigger club and bigger money.’

‘I do wonder about the parallels between ourselves and some other team that want to bring back an old, previously sacked, manager where we have got no better.  Will McClaren be coming back for some unfinished business?’


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