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Savage comments as Crystal Palace fans are calling time on Alan Pardew

6 years ago

Crystal Palace fans weren’t very happy after the weekend, Alan Pardew presiding over a dismal performance and home defeat to West Brom.

That was just the cherry on the cake though, as it made it only two league wins out of the last 22 matches, a run that goes way back to December.

Upset about results, performances, tactics, transfer action…the Crystal Palace supporters look to have had their fill of the former Newcastle boss.

For those who still want to keep him, it appears to be due to a combination of pride, the fact Alan Pardew is a bit of a Palace cult hero, and that admitting he has to go means also admitting failure and starting all over again with a new manager.

What Crystal Palace fans have said about Alan Pardew via their top message board

‘Pardew’s strategy of playing football with no tactics simply does not work.’

‘I cannot believe some still want him to stay, I have been of the opinion he needs to go for months.’

‘Crystal Palace’s league form in 2016 so far:


How many more L’s do you want before replacing him?’

‘It would help if we could field a side where the majority of players could pass the ball quickly and effectively to each another.

Mediocre recruitment, mediocre coaching perhaps?’

‘If we lose on Saturday I think he will be sacked. He will be under enormous pressure and I think all the fans will turn on him. I’m beginning to think the Geordies were correct in saying he will do everything to rip the spine of the club apart. They said fans will turn on each other. I have seen that happen on here! I want him gone asap even if we beat Tottenham and that’s a big if.’

‘Personally I don’t back him, and I am not bothered if he is a ex palace player! All I want is a manager who will deliver results and not a cocky so and so who blames everyone but himself! Waiting until the 80th for subs and brining on a defender when you’ve gotta attack is beyond me!’

‘This thread is exactly how it was at Newcastle. The man will divide the support. It’s eerily familiar. The same problems follow him 3 years on.’

‘We needed a striker at the end of last season, why let Gayle go before we have a replacement?’

‘Pards is on probation big time Out in early October without massive improvement on last eight months.’

‘I’d rather he wasn’t sacked because it would mean we are doing okay, but I have lost confidence in him being able to create anything himself.’

‘Saturday was more of the same against a side that are going to be struggling at the bottom half of the table. It was such a frustrating game with the only bright spot for me being Andros Townsend, we’ve had Newcastle’s pants down getting him for £13m. It’s only the first game but we have won 3 league games this year, something is wrong. Sentimentally I love SupaAl for the good times as a player but with head not heart I think it’s time to face facts, he needs to go.’

Those of us that were going to games back then will know he just wasn’t that good a player, he’s turning out to be just the same as a manager.’

‘Said it before And I will repeat myself. Worst league form of any team in European professional football from December to the end of last season.

Has anything changed ? No.

We are bang in trouble, drop the 4-5-1 crap at home, it doesn’t work Pardew, or are you to dumb/arrogant/inept to see that ?’

‘If we ask the barcodes nicely they might lend us a few of their banners and whatnot, will come in useful in a few games.’

‘Went into the game with only 2 wins in 21 league games with only 1 new player (Townsend) on show and with no additional firepower up front so the result is hardly surprising.’

‘Are we going to turn into the vitriolic and bitter fans that we saw at Newcastle? More keen to boo and yell abuse at our (failing) manager than to cheer on our players… I truly hope not, or this is not the club that I’ve love to be a fan of over the last 30 years.’

‘Lol, it is time the fans wake up , 2 wins in 22 league games.Sack him now.’

‘All the agents know each other and obviously telling Benteke, don’t go to Palace as Pardew has lost the dressing room.’

‘The love affair is over with Alan Pardew, that’s the main reason we need to split asap. Even with the players we want, AP’s pissed off the team and has lost respect.’

‘Pardew has no tactics up his sleeve, my 14-year-old son said within the third minute of the game yesterday, wba are playing 3 at the back yet whenever we attack their whole midfield turns into a defensive unit. Yes an 14-year-old can spot that, no coaching badges or knowledge other than ea fifa to go by, yet can spot tactics and formations instantly. Pardew however, doesn’t seem to spot anything other than bizarre team lineups, weird half-time substitutions and slow to react opposition changes.

Hate to say it but Newcastle fans were absolutely right, they said early doors Pardew is inept and must go.’

‘With every passing game I become more disillusioned and see less and less in the manager having the slightest idea on how to turn things round.

People who want rid of AP are NOT basing their thoughts on one game but on the last twenty games.’

‘Pardew’s problem is his massive ego – why oh why was his name given out with the Team news before yesterday’s game? FFS we all know who the manager is !!!

Our problem is not just getting a new striker and Pardew has to take the blame for the team’s awful league performances for the last 8 months – that’s his job !!!’


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