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Moussa Sissoko latest actions explained by this last week

5 years ago

Moussa Sissoko has been stirring it up once again in yet another interview.

Speaking to Foot Mercato (read it below) the midfielder has once again irritated both the fans and Newcastle United/Rafa Benitez (according to the local media) with his very public pushing for a transfer.

So why is he doing yet another interview when everybody on the planet must know by now he wants to move?

It is very likely explained by the following which we reported last week on 3 August 2016:

‘AS claim that Real Madrid do want the player but now want Sissoko himself to push Newcastle to allow a transfer to happen, no doubt at a figure below what Newcastle/Rafa have made clear they are willing to accept.’

AS is a Spanish publication and they have covered the ongoing Moussa Sissoko ‘move’ story closely.

As even Sissoko himself says in this latest interview with Foot Mercato below, Newcastle are willing to sell but only at a certain price, and nobody has met that price yet.

So by the very fact that rather than quietly and with a little dignity…waiting for a club to make an acceptable offer, the midfielder instead makes his mouth go and stirs it up, it looks obvious that he is trying to make a difficult situation for Rafa Benitez even worse.

Most pundits/fans appear to be of the opinion that it would be counter-productive for Moussa Sissoko to play for Newcastle next Saturday if he hasn’t moved on by then, the poisonous and negative atmosphere his inclusion would produce, wouldn’t exactly help the team.

The harder it is for Rafa to play Sissoko, it strengthens the hand of clubs that are interested in him in driving the price down, as they know Newcastle will have to sell as the position becomes increasingly fractious.

In this interview Sissoko talks of his team-mates being very supportive of him as he pushes for a transfer but I find that hard to believe. Yes the Newcastle players who are closest to him might be like that but I can’t see the eight new signings thinking much of the way he is going on, nor players who genuinely appear to want the best for the club such as Lascelles, Mitrovic and others.

Moussa Sissoko is simply an embarrassment to everybody, particularly himself, and whilst your instinct is to think how sweet it would be to just keep him and let him suffer.

Sadly, that wouldn’t be the best for Newcastle United and we have to get him out of the club one way or another and then Rafa Benitez can bring other players in who actually want to be here.

Let’s hope that is very soon.

Moussa Sissoko talking to Foot Mercato:

FM: The last time we saw (at Clairefontaine June 7), you told us that you wanted to leave Newcastle. Is that still the case?

MS: Yes, I always hope to have the chance to join a most exclusive club. Now we are negotiating with Newcastle. My agent has had discussions with the club. They are open to a departure. It’s good. Now I hope that I will have the chance to play for another.

FM: We saw that Newcastle, initially, was firm and did not want you to leave. What do you think?

MS: I was not really worried. I had the chance to chat with the coach (Rafa Benitez) at season’s end. During the Euro, I have discussed with him. This is a great coach. He knows what is good for his group. He also knows what is good for a player. If I have the opportunity to play in a great club, it does not stop me. That’s good, we could find common ground.

FM: The club set your price to 40 million (euros – £35m). Your opinion on this?

MS: Today in football, prices no longer mean anything. Astronomical sums seen for some players. € 40 million? If Newcastle had the chance to have that, so much the better for them. This will be good for me too. It will mean that the club with this amount will want me. Quietly and calmly we will wait. I remain serene.

FM: You talk of waiting quietly. Did you at one point, when Newcastle were not playing the game,  have thoughts of a clash?

MS: No, because I always had a discussion with them, either the coach or the leaders. We always had a good relationship, a good agreement. Everything goes well, I don’t not see why going to clash. They gave a way out. That’s good. Now we wait to see what will happen. I hope everything will go well as soon as possible. It will be good for both parties.

FM: How was your return to Newcastle this week?

MS: It was fine. I was welcomed and they congratulated me. I had the opportunity to see colleagues. They were happy with my Euro, that of the France team. They know all my desires. They support me, they are behind me. It’s been a week since I returned.I was able to work out with the group. Everything went well. It was nice to see them again.

FM: Have you had the opportunity to chat with Rafael Benitez?

MS: Yes, we have discussed. He said he expected an offer, if everything was in good order, there would be no problem.

FM: I imagine that at this time you would have liked already to be in your (new) club …

MS: I think for any player it would be ideal to be settled soon with his new club. But the transfer window is like that. It lasts until August 31 midnight. There are who go at the beginning, middle or end. It’s part of the game. We must make do. I am patient. We must prepare the best to be ready from the start of the championship.

FM: Rafael Benitez said that no club has made an offer for you. Have you had offers?

MS: Yes, some clubs have come. They discussed with the club, with my agent. We are in discussions. We’ll see what happens.

FM: Which clubs have approached you?

MS: A lot of clubs. Now, I expect and hope it will lead to something good (smiles).

FM: Now, have you made a choice? Are they more advanced than other club?

MS: I know what I want. Where shall I go? I do not know yet. There are discussions that are ongoing with the leaders (of NUFC), with my agent. The best decision we take. We’ll see (smiling)

FM: According to our information, Real Madrid is one of the clubs interested in you. I guess it’s flattering to be associated with such a club ….

MS: Who would not be flattered … Real Madrid is one or the best clubs in the world. It’s nice to be one of the players interesting big clubs. For now, I am still a Newcastle player. I wait. And if it’s Real Madrid, so much the better.

FM: When a club like Real Madrid comes, it is very difficult to refuse …

MS: It’s true that Real Madrid is hard to refuse. But as I said, there will be plenty of things that come into account. We will have to think about. I will take a decision with my agent. We will discuss.

FM: You said that parameters come into consideration when making your choice. What are they?

MS: Yes, I have criteria in mind. But I prefer to keep them to myself. I hope it will succeed.

FM: Madrid is also a club where there will be competition (for places), can it influence your choice?

MS: Competition does not scare me. It advances, it makes you want to work more. Whatever the club there is competition. The better, the competition is stronger. This is completely normal. I am ready to accept the competition no matter the club. It will allow me to progress further.

FM: At Real Madrid there is a certain Zinedine Zidane. What is your relationship with him?

MS: I do not know him personally. I was fortunate to meet him at an event with Adidas. I do not know more. I have not talked to him. It remains Zizou … We all know the career he had. We know the coach that he is becoming. It’s a great man. Many people appreciate him.

FM: Dortmund is also considering your case. What is your opinion on this club and the project?

MS: This is a very big club that is growing year by year. They did a very good recruitment this year. There is a very good team with a great coach, very good players. They always end up in the top three, they play the Champions League. Last year they played at bottom of the Europa League and were eliminated by Liverpool. It is a beautiful club.

FM: In our previous meetings, you told us that your preference would be to continue in the Premier League. You see yourself playing in another league?

MS: I said that because I think the Premier League is the league that is closest to my game, now it’s not 100% certain that I will stay in the Premier League…We will see the clubs. I will weigh the pros and cons. I will then make my choice

FM: Did English clubs approach you this summer?

MS: Yes, some clubs have approached me. They discussed with my agent. That’s his job. He works there. It will lead to something soon.

FM: Obviously, Newcastle would have rejected some of your English suitors. How do you explain the attitude of the Magpies with them?

MS: As I said, Newcastle are open (to a move). If any club meet the asking price, Newcastle will not reject the offer. Maybe these clubs have not offered what the club (Newcastle) wanted.


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