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An ‘interesting’ reaction from Aston Villa fans to Newcastle bid for Cieran Clark

5 years ago

Went looking to see the reaction of Aston Villa fans to Newcastle’s bid for Ciaran Clark and got more than I bargained for.

Obviously the fact that the club is Newcastle means that it is the equivalent of waving a very very red flag at an enormous claret and blue bull…

Despite this, we learn an awful lot from what the Villa fans had to say about Ciaran Clark and their club in general.

Whilst relegation was pretty miserable for Newcastle fans, the commitment shown by Rafa Benitez almost totally swept any negativity away in one fell swoop.

Despite a new (Champions League winning) Manager and new owner at Aston Villa, safe to say their fans aren’t seeing the positives going into the season.

Owner Tony Xia recently stated that he wished Villa had as many fans as Newcastle with season ticket sales not reaching 20,000 and when you read the venom below aimed at their own team and club then maybe no surprise the supporters aren’t backing the new regime.

The hatred and ridicule aimed at the current squad is pretty impressive and out of that, it appears that in general they don’t think Ciaran Clark is brilliant but they do believe he is better than most of what they have got – though again, just read what they think of Richards and Lescott to see what the overall view is of the squad.

Opinions of Aston Villa fans on Newcastle’s move for Ciaran Clark via top Villa message board Villa Talk:

‘Clark’s not really that good at any aspect of defending.

He’s not very quick, I don’t think he reads the game well which is evident in the amount of time he lunges in and gets yellow cards, as we’ve seen against poor forwards like Anchiebe he can get outmuscled easily and he’s average in the air.

His passing has regressed a lot through the seasons as well.’

‘Might be worth our management layers considering what the value is in announcing that players ‘aren’t leaving’ when said players have release clauses and can do whatever the **** they want.’

‘He reminds me of all that has been bad through the past few years.

£5million for a player who is possibly 4th choice is excellent business.

I want them all gone and every time one goes, I feel a little better.’

‘Unfortunately, he never pushed on like a lot of our youth.

He could play well for 89 minutes, but always had that one **** up in him which was always crucial and costly.

Like Albrighton he probably will improve away from us in a different environment, but I’m not that concerned by him going.’

‘£5million for Clark is brilliant, whether he has 1 year or 10 years left on his deal.

These are the players who accept losing-It’s all they’ve ever known at Villa. We need to eradicate ourselves of losers. Clark is not very good in any case.’

‘Newcastle are famed for their number 6’s. Howay.’

‘Personally I’ve completely lost faith in Clark. There might be a good player in there somewhere, I can accept that and can understand a team like Newcastle or West Brom taking a punt. As an Aston Villa fan I’m kinda done waiting.

I’d take the money and likely never look back.’

‘Hopefully he will go to newcastle and spread his ineptitude there.

Sure he’s not at the top of the list of crap players that need to go but he’s on it.’

‘I think there is a decent defender in their somewhere – more so a decent DM which is another reason why I think that we keep him for another season over others – hopefully all that’s needed is a decent coach I.e. Clarke.’

‘Okore is absolutely better than Clark and I’d probably say Baker is as well. Really isn’t a issue him going at all imo.’

‘It would be quite funny if he went on to be in the Championship team of the season or something like that but this is Newcastle who are famously bad at defending.

I wouldn’t sell him – not with clowns like Richards and Lescott still at the club.’

‘Don’t mind if Clark goes.. hes very average.’

‘Gil, Gana and now Clark.  That’s 3 of 6 players I considered our best and players we couldn’t afford to lose gone.

Will end up an excellent quality premier league CB whether it’s at Newcastle or somewhere else.’

‘Really shows how bad our defenders are if clark is considered one of our better ones.’

‘I usually find Clark’s form to be a reflection of the rest of the team and this obviously goes both ways. What I take from that he is rarely influential and isn’t a leader, along with the mental side of his game being a bit weak.

 He’s put in good performances in the past, he’s put in bad ones but overall he’s been OK and not as bad as some make him out to be. That said, him leaving is not going to make or break anything and I won’t lose any sleep over it.’

‘Just hope we use the cash towards a playmaker or striker. His performances at the Euros confirmed how error prone he can be.’

‘Newcastle today one day ***SPECIAL DEAL****

Buy a clark and get a lescott free and 50% off a richards

Come on Newcastle you know you want too…’

‘He wouldn’t be the first player on my list to ship out but we can’t control when bids come in.  Not that we have a say over the fee if there is a release clause but £5m is a fair price.

He has clearly stagnated here, a change of scenery might be what he needs to kick on but he will never be first name on the team sheet here.’

‘The sad thing is he’s our second best CB. Can’t stand another season with Richards and Lescott, although Okore and Baker aren’t much better.’

‘You only have to look at that despairing lunge that he made in Ireland’s second game to see how terribly slow he is. He runs like a tortoise towing an elephant. Even in the average quality Championship he’s going to be found wanting.’

‘On the very same day RDM says nobody else has a clause and we won’t lose anyone we want to keep. Added to the fact he also said Ciaran is a Villa lad and has committed to staying with us.’

‘Not a fan of Clark but will be sad to see him go especially considering we’ve still got all of the muppets here we are so desperate to get rid of.’

‘I think we need players like Clark, while being far from a world beater, to stay for another year regardless of the fee. He will do a job in the championship as a squad player and won’t kick up a fuss, unlike quite a few others.’

‘I’m more worried that knowing out luck he will have an amazing season for Newcastle and help them win the league.’

‘Only Elphick is possibly better than Clark, and watching him pre-season, I am not even sure of that.

Clark is certainly better than Baker and Okore; better than Richards and Lescott; certainly better at this stage than Toner.

Definitely an error if he is allowed to go.’

‘Seems to be the consensus on most of these player threads: he’s less sh*t than some.

With a few exceptions our squad is fifty shades of sh*t.’

£5m is hilarious. I would rip their hands off for that price. Not only will that be good money in the bank for us it will also weaken them defensively if they play him!’


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