Thursday night has seen claims that a move to Borussia Dortmund is imminent for Moussa Sissoko.

Being reported as ‘breaking’ news by L’Equipe, they say that talks have taken place and the Newcastle midfielder is set to move to the Bundesliga.

The German club have been named in recent days as interested in the French international but they are one of many.

Dortmund can offer Moussa Sissoko the Champions League football he often talks about, as they finished runners-up to Bayern Munich last season.

Earlier today there were comments from Rafa Benitez that appeared to show a significant public shift in the public position on transfers, with the Newcastle boss saying he and the club ‘have to be open to offers if somebody is interested’.

Seemingly a clear reference to the likes of Sissoko & Wijnaldum and a confirmation of what most fans expect, that neither player will be playing for United in the Championship if the right offer comes in.

It seems inevitable Moussa Sissoko is going to leave but will Borussia Dortmund be the one?

Rafa Benitez:

“We are working hard behind the scenes to bring in more players.

“As I have said before we are close to some of them, hopefully we can do it.

“We have to be open to offers if somebody is interested.

“We don’t want to sell but if somebody comes (with an offer) we have to make sure we do the right things for the club.”

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