Moussa Sissoko heading off to Real Madrid.

Surely not?

Yes it is hard to believe but there looks to be now some slightly more credible reporting of this deal actually happening.

The stories/rumours have been around for some time now, with Barcelona outmuscling Real Madrid for Andre Gomes and Paul Pogba set to (re)join Manchester United rather than go to the Spanish giants. Moussa Sissoko seen as a supposed big name to fill that void.

Now however, The Telegraph are reporting that preliminary talks have taken place between representatives of Newcastle United and Real Madrid, with a deal set to take place once Paul Pogba is officially unveiled as back at Old Trafford.

The fee is said to be 30m euros (just over £25m), a big saving for Real Madrid compared to their position if they’d landed Pogba.

The thing is though, that despite turning 27 in August, Real Madrid are basically just buying potential with Moussa Sissoko.

The potential that he will be able to repeat the form he first showed in the first couple of months when he arrived at Newcastle and, including this summer’s Euros, what he has shown maybe 10 or so times since in the intervening three years+.

Obviously the extra £600m+ Premier League clubs are now receiving per season has sent the transfer market extra loopy but I still find the idea of putting Moussa Sissoko…£25m….and Real Madrid, in the same sentence, as very bizarre.

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