In his latest comments about Newcastle United’s transfer activity, Rafa Benitez appears to have made a significant change in his stance.

Having previously regularly repeated the line that he wanted to keep the likes of Gini Wijnaldum and Moussa Sissoko no matter what.

The Newcastle boss is now saying ‘we have to be open to offers’ and ‘we don’t want to sell but if somebody comes (with an offer) we have to make sure we do the right things for the club’.

This is surely what we already really knew deep down.

The reality being that Sissoko and Wijnaldum both want to leave, possibly Janmaat and one or two others as well, and if Newcastle get an offer that meets their valuation…or beyond, then the club will take the money.

The big difference now of course and why Newcastle fans are so relaxed about the transfer window, is that the decision to sell would only come about if Rafa Benitez agreed AND the fact that he will get the proceeds to invest in players that he wants, especially positions in the team that are in urgent need of strengthening (centre-back etc).

As for incoming players, the United boss insists that Newcastle are ‘close’ to more signings coming in.

So it looks like we are set for further interesting days ahead in this transfer window.

One possible scenario that hasn’t really been mentioned, is that there could be significant funds brought in for Sissoko or somebody else, but Rafa Benitez puts it to one side and keeps it on top of what other funds he has has been guaranteed, to then buy again in January to (hopefully) ensure promotion and to further prepare his team/squad for the demands of the Premier League.

With other players potentially more ready to move by January, if by then Newcastle had justified their position as hot favourites to go up by putting points on the board.

Rafa Benitez:

“We are working hard behind the scenes to bring in more players.

“As I have said before we are close to some of them, hopefully we can do it.

“We have to be open to offers if somebody is interested.

“We don’t want to sell but if somebody comes (with an offer) we have to make sure we do the right things for the club.”