Some amusing comments from Sunderland fans to the Dwight Gayle move to Newcastle.

Following confirmation of Matz Sels on Wednesday morning, this afternoon saw Dwight Gayle touch down at Newcastle Airport after the two clubs agreed a transfer fee and personal terms were sorted with the striker.

Sky Sports report that Gayle is going through his medical today and official confirmation of his signing set to happen on Thursday.

News of the deal has reached Wearside and it is interesting to see what our local rivals are having to say about Dwight Gayle.

There are obviously the purely childish comments, I’d be disappointed if there weren’t…

However, there are also some more honest reactions to the news, comments below from the top Sunderland fans message board Ready To Go:

‘Decent signing for that level.’

‘Good for the championship but he won’t feature in their push for the premiership title and champions league destiny.’

‘Winds of change…last season they fancied signing Messi.’

‘Shows the level Newcastle are at now when they are signing players who can’t get a game ahead of Connor Wickham. Relegation is going to set them back years regardless if they come straight back up or not.’

Looks like its true about Ritchie from Bournemouth following him too. 2 good signings at that level.’

‘Looks like Rafa the Gafa knows what he’s doing.’

‘Wouldn’t mind him if we were in their position…’

‘Great signing, averages a whopping 7 league goals a season in 5 years as a professional. Real Madrid must be gutted missing out.’

‘Great signing. Always reminded me of Ian Wright. Never really given a proper run at Palace. Potential 20 goal season in the Championship. Bastards.’

‘I suppose there are some similarities between a Ferrari and a Skoda too.’

‘Never been prolific since Dagenham. He will be lucky if he gets twenty goals.’

‘Good signing that, can see him getting 20+ goals down in the Championship.’

‘Bad crack, I rate him me like.’

‘This. I’m gutted, the lucky tw*ts.’

‘They must be expecting a major exodus if they are trying to spend the sort of cash him and Ritchie will cost.’

‘He’s another bad apple. Good player, but by all accounts a tw*t of a bloke…’

‘They’ll be promoted by December now…’

‘I thought they’d already won the title and they were getting awarded the trophy against Huddersfield?’

‘Get the signings in early, appease the masses when the rats continue to leave the sinking ship. The money being spent and the size of the squad without out-goings would be quite scary.’

‘If we were at that level I’d think it was a good signing, will get double figures no problems

‘However if we signed him this summer I’d be pretty underwhelmed to say the least, lovely to see how the self-proclaimed mighty have fallen.’

Rafa shopping in Poundland.’

‘It’s a shame they are getting business done quite early mind…hopefully their big earners fancy sitting on their bumper wages.’