Six weeks until the start of the season and all eyes on Rafa Benitez and how he will shape his squad.

Interviewed by Mick Lowes of Radio Newcastle, Rafa says that the Euros have played havoc with the transfer market, due to so many people being away in France .

The Newcastle boss says that agents being absent is a problem but by far the biggest is having the people away who are needed to ‘sign the documents’ at other clubs to complete the transfers.

The good news though is that Rafa Benitez says that there are ‘three or four things ready’ but they are waiting on one person to return to his club and set the ball rolling.

To me, Rafa’s words possibly suggests that the key person they are waiting for is possibly one who will be instrumental in agreeing to buy maybe Wijnaldum or Sissoko to help to fund the transfers lined up to come in.

Great to hear Rafa Benitez so confident though, the manager saying that he believes that once this particular person is in place at the other club, Newcastle could potentially sign as many as three players in the space of a week.

Rafa Benitez talking to Mick Lowes of Radio Newcastle:

‘So how close are you to getting the squad the way you want it, or is it still too early?’

“To be fair, for me as a manager it is too late but the reality of it is too early. Why?

“Because  would like to have the squad ready and say this is the team and start working with them from the first of July.

“But it is impossible in modern football now with agents, the Euros, a lot of people go there and don’t work – I’m really surprised – you try to work during the summer when the transfer window is open and sometimes Directors are away so you cannot find them, then you cannot do deals.

“We have three or four things ready, it is just that we have to start with the first one and we have two or three (transfers) that I think we can do in one week. But we can say nothing because the person that is responsible in this team is away.

“I want to say to our fans, we are working very hard. It is not easy the market because the prices are so high but we are fine. We can do our business and we have three or four things ready…and when I say ready, I mean really really nearly there, but we are waiting for someone that is working in another club and then he needs to come back and sign the documents.”