Rafa Benitez has assured Newcastle fans that he is currently doing business in the transfer market that will make the club stronger .

He concedes that the Euros creates an extra problem in terms of transfer moves but that ‘things are very positive’.

Asked about Moussa Sissoko declaring that he wants to leave, Rafa says that if he allows a player to leave then it ‘will always be in the best interests of the club’.

It is so refreshing that we can actually believe this now, with a Manager who we have faith in and who has complete control of transfers in and out. As opposed to the yes men employed before him, who would say whatever they were ordered to do, with fans realising that they couldn’t believe a word they were told.

As for the identities of new signings, obviously we will have to wait on that, though Thursday night brought claims that Rafa Benitez had made a move for Eran Zahavi who has an outrageous goalscoring record for Maccabi Tel Aviv, including scoring freely in the Champions League.

However, Rafa Benitez has revealed that one of the changes he has introduced is that he is bringing in an administrator who can speak English, French and Spanish, with his role being to help new signings settle in and be able to ‘focus 100% on the football’.

A big indicator surely that Newcastle will continue to look overseas for a significant portion of their future transfer business.

Rafa Benitez talking to the Chronicle:


“Another important change we are making is to bring in an administrator to work with the players and their families.

“This will be someone who speaks English, French, Spanish, to help players settle at the club and in the city and be sure that they are able to focus 100% on the football.”


“I can assure fans that the business we are doing at the moment and that we will be doing over the next few weeks is all aimed at making the squad stronger than it is at the moment.

“We are very busy and things are very positive, the Euros makes things a bit difficult for every club, but as soon we can announce things about the squad we will tell our supporters.”

Moussa Sissoko says he wants to leave, can Newcastle keep their best players?

“It is simple in football: good players want to play with good players, in strong teams. So it is important that our priority is to have a strong team.

“We said a few days ago that we have had enquiries for some of our players, but our position is very clear on this. We absolutely will keep and build a strong squad that we believe can get us promotion back to the Premier League.

“If a player leaves, or he stays, or a new player arrives, whatever business we do in the transfer window will always be in the best interests of the club and the squad, that is certain.”