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Not everything is always black and white for Newcastle fans

4 years ago

I always get a little suspicious when I hear any Newcastle fans telling other Toon supporters what to do.

By this, I don’t mean anybody simply expressing an opinion and saying I think it would be great if this happened, or if everybody did such and such that would equal whatever.

What I am talking about are Newcastle fans who take it to another level, calling whoever a disgrace etc etc because they simply disagree with them and/or they won’t do as they are told.

Yesterday there was an excellent article on The Mag by Dale Foster, he said he was getting a season ticket and going back to watch the team because of Rafa Benitez deciding to stay and everything that then follows on from that.

Not thinking that all is perfect at the club or Mike Ashley has changed for the better, rather a belief that the owner has been forced to do things properly at last and given written assurances to the manager that he will get proper support and allowed to do his job unhindered by idiots.

The end result being that Dale Foster feels comfortable now to return to supporting the team, after having been previously pushed away by the owner’s actions.

This then produced a number of tit for tat comments on the article and social media, one side saying a disgrace for going back and the other declaring Newcastle fans traitors if they decided to still boycott.

It is funny how I never meet any of these people as I go about my daily business.

I must mix with hundreds of Newcastle fans every week and some have never stopped going to the matches, some are going back next season and some still refuse to go until Mike Ashley goes and/or there is some more tangible evidence that things have really changed at the club.

However, one thing none of these genuine Newcastle fans do is suggest that anybody is doing anything really bad, whether they are going to matches or boycotting.

Away from the online anonymity that some love to hide behind, normal supporters think it is more a case of live and let live. They recognise that whatever people are doing, it isn’t an easy choice.

Pretty much all of these people continue to hate Mike Ashley because of what he has done to our club – the two relegations plus all the other things we know all too much about, such as treatment of Keegan and Shearer, Wonga, renaming SJP, employing Dennis Wise, choosing yes men like McClaren, Carver and Pardew instead of proper managers and so on.

When it comes to going to the match though, it is where all Newcastle fans want to be and the ones who are still boycotting understand why so many tens of thousands of supporters can’t manage to stay away, whilst those still going to games accept the sacrifice that those are making who on principle are making themselves stay away.

I don’t see anybody frothing at the mouth – which is the mental picture I have of some anonymous people online, trying to bully those who aren’t doing what they are told.

It is a crying shame that a wolf in sheep’s clothing walked into St James Park in summer 2007, Newcastle fans were then United in believing that their prayers had been answered.

An ambitious self-made English billionaire who was going to bury the chaotic running of the club by Shepherd and Hall and take things to a whole new professional level, where the only aim was to have the very best people in place throughout the club.

The fact we were all deceived is not my fault, it is not your fault, indeed it is not the fault of any Newcastle fans.

Unless of course you still count John Hall and Freddy Shepherd as Newcastle fans…



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