The EFL (English Football League) have revealed when the Championship live TV games will be announced.

Newcastle United and the other 23 clubs find out on Wednesday (22 June) at 9am the season’s whole schedule of games.

At that same time, we will also discover which matches have been picked for the opening weekend’s (Saturday 6 August) set of live TV games.

Then in the ‘following days’ the EFL will then announce the following weekend’s (Saturday 13 August) live TV matches.

Ahead of the Championship fixture release at 9am on Wednesday, the re-branded EFL confirm that TV selections for the opening weekend of games (6th August) will be announced at the same time.

Official statement from EFL:

‘When will Sky Sports be announcing their live broadcast selections?

This year, the live match TV selections for opening weekend will be released with the fixtures on 22nd June at 9.00am.

The following weekend’s selections will then be made in the following days.

We have looked to make improvements to the announcement process this year, and the EFL will be announcing the release dates for live selections throughout the season in due course.

There will be a number of live fixtures from the opening weekend matches. We are starting a week before the Premier League so as ever we are seeking to showcase the EFL with live opportunities across that weekend.’