In the past 24 years, 49 different clubs have shared £14.8bn in Premier League prize money and parachute payments.

Tuesday brought confirmation that Newcastle were banking just shy of £73m for their ‘efforts’ this season, plus are guaranteed close to £100m in parachute payments over the course of the next three seasons if they don’t win promotion.

So where do Newcastle stand amongst the 49 clubs in terms of banking the most Premier League prize money?

When you look at the table below, a number of things to consider.

Newcastle spent two seasons outside of the Premier League in these 24 years, receiving nothing in 1992/93 and only a parachute payment in 2009/10.

The table is heavily weighted to recent seasons, with prize money rising massively in later deals. So you have Swansea banking almost three times as much as Leeds United, despite spending fewer seasons in the top division.

Taking everything into consideration, including chaotic running of the club under Hall/Shepherd and Ashley, Newcastle are eighth top in this Premier League prize money table.

Just over £649m has been banked by NUFC, whilst Sunderland are three places and £105m further behind.

Spare a thought for both Luton Town and Notts County, they were involved at the very start and when relegated on the eve of the first Premier League season, instead of getting a full invitation into the Premier League riches club, instead had to settle for parachute payments of just under £1.5m each.

Now the two clubs are stuck in League Two and must look at what clubs such as Swansea City and Bournemouth are doing, now looking forward to another massive lift in Premier League prize money next season.

This is the table compiled by Nick Harris for The Mail:

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