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What Spurs fans had to say about Newcastle 5 Tottenham 1 – Quite incredible

5 years ago

Difficult to tell who was most in shock after Sunday’s match, Newcastle supporters or the travelling Spurs fans?

Newcastle fans had seemingly decided pre-match that whatever the result they wanted to put on a show for Rafa Benitez in order to help persuade him to score.

Never though did anybody suspect just how big a help the actual football would be to the 90 minutes…

However, reading what the Spurs fans had to say below, I do feel I have stepped into some parallel universe.

Whilst Newcastle fans are called rotten for having the nerve to be upset when Mike Ashley gets the club relegated only seven years after the last one, most of the Spurs fans seem to have lost any grasp of reality.

Simply because they dropped from second to third and below Arsenal (which we understand would make them not very happy), the world appears to have come to an end for them and the last few matches define their season, rather than the 30 odd that came before that.

To sum up the comments from the Spurs fans, some were actually jealous of the way the Newcastle players were playing for our fans!

You couldn’t make it up.

We visited one of the top message boards for Spurs fans, ‘The Fighting Cock’, to gauge the mood of their supporters.

Spurs fans on Newcastle 5 Tottenham 1:

‘Townsend and Colback the pick. Says it all.’

‘Crap so far. But there’s a long way to go. We just need to find some rhythm. So disjointed without Dembele & Alli. We will come on strong though.’

‘Right now I think we need 25 new players and a new manager for next season. The way they’ve finished the season is f***ing disgraceful.’

‘What’s surprising to me is that so many people were praising losing our heads to Chelsea, look at the consequences.’

‘Tear off their badges and stick their Gucci man-bags up their asses. No respect for the fans, the crest, the rivalry. F*** off.’

‘If results stay as they are then for me this whole season will have been undone by our total capitulation to f***ing Woolwich.’

‘Perfect time to score … 30 more minutes … COYS!!!’

‘Haha f*** off Mitrovic.’

‘Hopefully we pull another 1 back. Also, no more talk about Mitrovic at Spurs. I like a rough and devious player but what a malicious c***.’

‘25 minutes against a 10 men Newcastle.. We only need one goal.’

‘I used to like Sissoko..But that (penalty) is awful. Anthony Taylor needs dropping. Sissoko should be suspended.’

‘Newcastle with 10 men with f*** all to play for outrunning, outgunning, and outshooting us up and down the pitch–absolutely pathetic.’

‘This is the worst performance I have ever seen. Each and every player from that team needs to have a real look at themselves.’

‘The wife’s gone round her mates, the dog’s hiding under the table, the neighbours have boarded up their windows. After 50 years i should know better.’

‘In a two horse race, we have managed to finish third.

5-1 today is up there with the worst over, 7-1. 6-1 and 5-1 all at Sid James “Sports Direct” Park all equally abject. But today mattered most and they let US down. From kick off they failed to show Newcastle the respect they were due & Townsend of all people made a meal of us, it was obvious last Sunday how this one was going to be, but I never imagined we could be that bad. When we were often so good.’

‘The way I feel right now Pochettino can f*** right off. So can every player. So can Daniel Levy. So can every person associated with this club that takes up so much of my time and emotions.’

‘Went up had a mental Saturday night. Was in a box with a few mates. My God what a disaster. And to cap it all at the end they played the Smiths ‘There is a light’ at the end.’

‘Particularly at White Hart Lane we give refs an easy time when a bad decision goes against us. Just look at the Newcastle fans reaction today at the sending off, even though the sending off was justified, without the benefit of seeing a replay their reaction must have put doubt in the ref’s mind. What happens at the next big call he has to make – gives the decision (wrongly) in the home teams favour.’

‘I must apologise.

I was under the impression that we had suffered a fairly uncharacteristic loss, against a team that was desperate to show a bit of pride, and decided to go for one last hurrah.’

‘The size of the scoreline is not a representation of the game. The dive to make it 3-1 made us do what we did in the wba and Chelsea game which is feel sorry for ourselves. A good 15 mins left against 10 men. We then threw everything up and yet again play right into their hands.’

‘Couldnt get a single point against an awful Newcastle home or away…’

‘Next season will be a struggle, Poch sacked by xmas.’

‘Well that was quite a day. I am not normally negative, but I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach that this would be a tricky fixture, and I always felt the fact they were already down would work against us.’

‘Thank the Lord we don’t have to play them next year – I’m sick of the sight of those fat Geordie gits!’

‘F*** Newcastle.  I hate hearing about how it’s ‘a reet gid neet oot’. Ye know what, it’s a shite night out. Their town centre highlight is a shopping centre with a scummy nightclub and casino in it.

Newcastle is nothing more than Hartlepool with an inflated opinion of itself.’

‘Glad Newcastle is down though, they’ve taken way too many points off of us the past couple of seasons.’

‘The realisation of what has happened is starting to set in (how the f*** did we lose 5-1 to a ten man relegated Newcastle) I’m gonna have to go through hell for a couple of weeks now, every football fan in my family are Woolwich and all my work colleagues are either Woolwich or irons.’

‘The really evident part of it all was that Newcastle were playing for their supporters, we got f***all, players walking around at 0-0.  NUFC fought with desire, to prove a point to their support, that’s to say it’s possible for a club’s players to give a f***.’

‘There are worse positions to be in by far, but we are so focussed on own predicament and how we have fallen short again that we fail to acknowledge the plight of others.

Imagine being a Newcastle fan, relegated for the second time in ten years. Or Villa, Jesus, the years of bad management. Absolute clowns in charge.

Do these teams have a “why always us” mentality? It could be a lot worse and we need to remember that.’


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