Richard Keys says that he ‘knows’ as fact that Rafa Benitez is trying to land the manager’s job at Everton.

The disgraced former Sky Sports presenter doesn’t actually say how he ‘knows’, just that Rafa Benitez has his ‘people working like made to land it’.

Richard Keys as made clear regularly in the past that he doesn’t like Rafa Benitez, which I’m sure the Newcastle boss won’t lose too much sleep over…

This latest from Keys appears to be just an opportunist attempt to try and have a go at the reputation of the Spaniard.

Rather bizarrely, the TV presenter claims that Rafa Benitez ‘manages for himself and his CV’, which would then beg the question of why then risking his reputation on getting involved at Newcastle, when everybody knew it was a near hopeless case with only 10 games to go.

In an attempt to seemingly show how far Rafa’s star has fallen, Richard Keys asks ‘what has Benitez actually won since he left Liverpool’?

Keys states that since 2010, Rafa has won the Italian Cup and the Italian Super Cup, then begrudgingly adds he also won the Europa League at both Chelsea and Napolim plus the World Club Championship.

In only seven months at Chelsea after Di Matteo got sacked, the fans hated him but despite that as interim manager he not only won the Europa League but he also got them into third and Champions League qualification, as well as the semi-finals of both domestic cups.

Managing at such politically difficult clubs such as In term Napoli and Real Madrid plus the situation at Chelsea, it is always going to be living on a knife edge, particularly at Madrid when players such as Ronaldo are so powerful and take against you.

He might not have reproduced the Champions League success he had at Liverpool (as well as FA Cup win), or the double La Liga triumph at Valencia (as well as UEFA Cup win), but Rafa Benitez is hardly damaged goods!

It is quite obvious that Everton fans don’t want Rafa Benitez and equally obvious that Rafa doesn’t want to go to Goodison either, he is revered by Liverpool fans and hated by their rivals, only lazy reporters or people with an axe to grind like Richard Keys are going to go down this line.

Whether Rafa Benitez will stay at Newcastle is the big question and I just hope that last night’s reports of progress don’t prove a false dawn.

Richard Keys writing on his website:

“But who next at Everton? I’d give it to Mark Hughes. Everton is a special club, one where having had a touch of the ball is important. David Moyes was an obvious exception to that rule, but he got it. Martinez never did.

“There’s a huge re-building job to be done. The likes of Osman, Barry, Jagielka and Hibbert are all over 30 now. Lukaku will leave. So will Stones. It’s a big job for someone with P Lge experience and a knowledge of what’s required at that club. So – it’s either Moyes or Hughes for me.

“I know Rafa’s people are working like mad to land it – but come on. Rafa – at Goodison? No. Anyway – I couldn’t ever see him working for a ‘small’ club. Evertonians wouldn’t have it. Nor should they. Other than living on The Wirral, what qualifies Benitez for the job?

“Look deeper – what has Benitez actually won since he left Liverpool? I’ll tell you – 1 Italian Cup. 1 Italian Super Cup – their Community Shield – so that doesn’t count.

“Yep – the Europa league at Napoli and Chelsea. He won the Super Cup with Mourinho’s team at Inter – and then promptly got sacked. He also got sacked from the other big job he landed – at Real.

“He manages for himself and his CV.

“If I’m an Evertonian I don’t want him anywhere near my club – the ‘People’s Club’. A family club. No thanks.”